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2x Logia is On!

The 2x Logia Weekend is a perpetual event that occurs, as the name says, every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). 2x Logia begins from Friday at 12:00am EST and ends on Sunday at 11:59pm EST. If you wish to be notified for when 2x Logia comes on, you may join this server, as they have a role which is pinged when 2x Logia begins.

During the event, the drop rates for Legendary and Mythical Devil Fruits are doubled

Monday to Thursday:

  • Legendary fruits have a 4% spawn-rate, the odds are 1/25.
  • Mythical fruits have a 0.5% spawn-rate, the odds are 1/200.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:


  • Legendary fruits have a 8% spawn-rate, the odds are 1/12.5.
  • Mythical fruits have a 1% spawn-rate, the odds are 1/100.

It is highly recommended to focus the efforts of any Devil Fruit-earning method on the duration of the event.

Other Timezones[]

  • UTC: Friday 5:00am - Monday 4:59am
  • US Pacific Time (PDT): Thursday 9:00pm - Sunday 8:59pm
  • US Mountain Time (PDT): Thursday 10:00pm - Sunday 9:59pm
  • US Central Time (CDT): Thursday 11:00pm - Sunday 10:59pm
  • US Eastern Time (EST) (Official): Friday 12:00am - Sunday 11:59pm
  • BR Rio de Janeiro Time (BRT): Friday 2:00am - Monday 1:59am
  • UK London Time (BST): Friday 5:00am - Monday 4:59am
  • DE Berlin Time (CEST): Friday 6:00am - Monday 5:59am
  • RU Moscow Time (MSK): Friday 8:00am - Monday 7:59am
  • AE Dubai Time: Friday 09:00am - Monday 8:59am
  • IN Mumbai Time (IST): Friday 10:30am - Monday 10:29am
  • SG Singapore Time/CN Beijing Time/CN China Time (CST): Friday 1:00pm - Monday 12:59pm
  • JP Tokyo Time (JST): Friday 2:00pm - Monday 1:59pm
  • AU Sydney Time (AEST): Friday 4:00pm - Monday 3:59pm
  • NZ Auckland Time (NZDT): Friday 6:00pm - Monday 5:59pm