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The 2x Logia Weekend has ended. Please wait until next Friday.

The 2x Logia Weekend is a perpetual event that occurs, as the name says, every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). 2x Logia begins from Thursday at 8pm EST and ends on Sunday at 8pm EST.

During the event, the drop rates for Legendary and Mythical Devil Fruits are doubled.

Monday to Thursday:

  • Legendary fruits have a 4% spawn-rate, the odds are 1/25.
  • Mythical fruits have a 0.5% spawn-rate, the odds are 1/200.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

  • Legendary fruits have a 8% spawn-rate, the odds are 1/12.5.
  • Mythical fruits have a 1% spawn-rate, the odds are 1/100.

It is highly recommended to focus the efforts of any Devil Fruit-earning method on the duration of the event.

The Event also affects the chances in:

  1. Dungeons
  2. Opening a Gift of Fruit from Krampus
  3. Kraken
  4. Sea Serpent
  5. Kraken
  6. Ship Farming

However, the Event doesn't work in the Trading Hub, meaning if you are to use the Gift of Fruit in Trading Hub during the weekend, you should hop to the normal world.

Other Timezones[]

  • UTC: Friday 5:00am - Monday 4:59am
  • US Pacific Time (PDT): Thursday 9:00pm - Sunday 8:59pm
  • US Mountain Time (PDT): Thursday 10:00pm - Sunday 9:59pm
  • US Central Time (CDT): Thursday 11:00pm - Sunday 10:59pm
  • US Eastern Time (EST) (Official): Friday 12:00am - Sunday 11:59pm
  • BR Rio de Janeiro Time (BRT): Friday 2:00am - Monday 1:59am
  • UK London Time (BST): Friday 5:00am - Monday 4:59am
  • DE Berlin Time (CEST): Friday 6:00am - Monday 5:59am
  • RU Moscow Time (MSK): Friday 8:00am - Monday 7:59am
  • AE Dubai Time: Friday 09:00am - Monday 8:59am
  • IN Mumbai Time (IST): Friday 10:30am - Monday 10:29am
  • SG Singapore Time/CN Beijing Time/CN China Time (CST): Friday 1:00pm - Monday 12:59pm
  • JP Tokyo Time (JST): Friday 2:00pm - Monday 1:59pm
  • AU Sydney Time (AEST): Friday 4:00pm - Monday 3:59pm
  • NZ Auckland Time (NZDT): Friday 6:00pm - Monday 5:59pm


Although it says 2x Logia, all Legendary and Mythical fruit chances get doubled, and Commons are reduced to a 65% chance.