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This page lists and defines almost every abbreviation, slang and terms used by the Grand Piece Online community to reference items, combos, techniques and other stuff.

Game Mechanics[]

Abbreviations and terms used for game mechanics:

  • M1 = Click damage (short for Mouse1).
  • Perfect block = When the player blocks an attack right as it is dealt. It then produces a purplish effect and stuns the opponent for about 2 seconds, allowing the player to counter-attack.
    • As most players might have experienced, enemy NPCs are also able to do a perfect block.
    • Some may also refer to it as "PB", for short.
  • Uptilt = Holding 'Space' while dealing a M1 combo, thus initiating an Air Combo in the 4th M1. If the 5th M1 is dealt, the target gets smashed into the ground, receiving a millisecond-short stun.
    • As most player might have also experienced, enemy NPCs are also able to do an uptilt.
    • The mechanic is most commonly used in PvP to take full advantage out of combo-extending techniques.
  • Hyperarmor = A move that can't be interrupted by external damage while it's being struck.
    • In other words, the player can get damaged, but their move won't get cancelled.
    • Fruits like Gura and Mera's Flame Pillar are commonly referenced for having hyperamor.
    • NPCs are also commonly referenced for having hyperarmor on every move.
  • iFrames = Invincibility frames. Basically, portions of time during the cast of a move where the player is completely invincible.
    • Common examples are grabs like Gura's Head Crusher and Elo's Hammer Pounding Festival.
  • DoT = Damage over Time. This applies to any move that leave an effect that stays after the attack is over. The primary example of this is burn damage, however there are also other types such as poison and bleed damage.
    • For Burn Damage the most well-known examples are Mera and Pika. Other type is the Poison Damage dealt by Golden Hook's Activate Poison move.


Terms and slang used for combos, techniques, etc., on PVP (Arena Mode):

  • Infinite Combo = A combo performed by taking advantage of stun and fast moves to lock the opponent in a move-loop. They are constantly patched, due to being considered mechanic-abusing.
    • Fruits known for being able to do so are Hie (due to its freezing), Zushi (due to Pull and Push, but was already patched), and Goro (due to its stuns).
  • Combo Extender = A move that is most commonly used to extend a M1 combo in order to deal one more hit or to stun the opponent and start another M1 combo.
  • Spammer = A player that only relies on their Devil Fruit, spamming its moves.
  • Fatherless Combo = A combo that deals tremendous amounts of damage that is seen as unfair and is looked down by the community, thus resulting them calling the combo "Fatherless".
  • Runner = A player that keeps running/geppo or skywalking away and using ranged moves. They are often called cowards for not using M1s.
  • Zoning = Attacking from afar. Commonly used to reference moves that can be countered by other ranged moves.
  • Afro Dash = An already patched combo extender technique that took advantage of being very close to the opponent and using Soru. To perform this technique, it required a player to deal 4 M1s (while being very close to their opponent) and then dashing. Note that right after they dashed, it was needed to hit the 5th M1, in order to knock them into the direction they were dashing into.
  • Drag M1s = Combo extender technique which is done by dealing 4 M1s then spinning 180º, using Shigan, then spinning back only to use the last M1, then use any extender move.
  • Movestack = Using a bug/glitch to activate two moves at the same time, which deals great amount of damage in PvP, and is looked down upon by other players.
  • Block Baiting = Holding block until the opponent M1s first, only to punish them with the player's own M1s.
  • Parentless Combo = A combo that has too many combo extenders than Fatherless combo and sometimes deals low damage however has high combo potential and the community rarely does this and gets ignored than Fatherless combo,Ito-Ito users are a exception on this as the fruit itself has 3 combo extenders and one with a block break and a unescapable ultimate used as a combo finisher
  • Sold/Selling = Letting yourself get hitted or combo'd.
  • Gay Combo = A combo where you only uses some of the skills but deals enourmous damage.


Abbreviations used in trading:

  • W/F/L = Win/Fair/Loss
    • Used for help on determining if a trade is good or bad.
  • LF = Looking for
    • Used to call in offers for a certain item the poster is looking for.
    • NLF = Not Looking For
    • MLF = Mostly/Mainly Looking For
  • AFK/AFKing = Away from keyboard
    • Used for when the player isn't active in the game.
    • Also used to gather trades all at once for when they come back.
  • NTY = No Thank You
    • Used to specify why someone's offer was ignored.
      • Example: "Trading Candy Cane. LF Good offers. Ignore = NTY" .


Accessory and weapon abbreviations commonly used in trading:


Terms and abbreviations used in boss farming and/or raids.

  • Lure = Lure to an island
    • This is used when a player wants to bring a Sea Serpent or Kraken to land for it to be killed.
  • No Lure = Kill the Sea Serpent or Kraken on the spot. No bringing it to an island.
  • Nd = No drops
    • Used when a boss is defeated and the player that said it got no drops.