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Axe Hand Logan, also known as Axe Hand Morgan, is the third boss and spawns at Shell's Town, on Logan's Lair. He is equipped with his Axe Hand and Metal Jaw.

He has at least 4,000 HP and deals 16 M1 damage. His spawn time is ~10 min.

He is surrounded by 5 of his Chore Boys. They have ? HP and deal 5 damage per shot and ? M1 damage.

His quest's level requirement is 30+.


Axe Hand Logan's Moveset
Name Description Damage
Axe Slam A block-breaking Axe slam that can throw anyone airborne and push them back. 49
Axe Spin Logan starts spinning his axe while slowly moving towards the target. 7 DMG for around 15 ticks
Scramble For Reinforcements When all Chore Boys in the arena are killed, Logan will call for reinforcements, spawning 5 more Chore Boys, whilst saying:

"Scramble reinforcements. Repeat, scramble all reinforcements!"


Tactics & Tips[]

  • It is recommended to fight Logan with allies if the player is lower-leveled.
  • If one or more Chore Boy is kept alive, Logan will not call for more.
  • Logia-type Devil Fruits can faze through Chore Boy bullets faster than they can shoot them.
  • If the player has good ranged skills or a good Sniper stat they can "camp" on the outer perimeter walls or on the top of the building and spam them at Logan.


Visual Showcase Name Description Stats
Metal Jaw.png Metal Jaw (25%) An Uncommon Metal Jaw used by Logan. +25 HP


  • Logan is the only boss to include voice lines.
    • Puff on the other hand, is the only NPC to include them.