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The Bari Bari no Mi (Barrier-Barrier Fruit) is a Rare Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives it's user the ability to generate and manipulate unbreakable see-through barriers at will.

The fruit can be distinguished by its see-through material, blue hue, almost ice-like etchings, and pear shape.

It's well-known for being the only defensive fruit in the game, allowing the player to protect themselves and their allies while boss-fighting or doing dungeons. Additionally, barrier gives an extremely small amount of extra health if you level up devil fruit stats as a bonus.


Bari-Bari Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Move Requirements Stamina Description
E Barrier Crash 0 Mastery 15 initinal stamina, 1 stamina per tick Forms a rectangular barrier in front of the user that blocks all incoming attacks. The player has then to click to launch it forwards, smashing anything in its way. It's base size increases with more skill points in Devil Fruit Mastery. As long as the player holds this ability, it drains 5 stamina per second (this also blocks all ranged attacks).

Max damage is 75.

Note: if you hold for long enough it can glitch and stay spawned after you let go your e button (makes the anim of trow the wall but actually doesnt trow it) its usefull to advanse while blocking npcs since you can use other skills while doing your e skill (still drains stamina overtime)

R Barrier Sphere 10 Mastery 25 initial stamina, 5 per tick Form a circular sphere at the mouse point as long as you hold down the mouse. Drains stamina as it is used. Its base size increases with more skill points in Devil Fruit.
Z Barrier Stairs 15 Mastery 15 initial stamina, 2 per tick Form a set of barrier stairs in front of yourself. It's duration and length increase with more skill points in DF. However, it won't function if you're within a safe-zone.
X Barrier Cage 35 Mastery 30 Stamina Form a cup-shaped barrier above before smashing it into the ground, trapping enemies inside. The longer you hold it the bigger it will be.

Max damage is 125.

C Barrier Spikes 55 Mastery 55 Stamina Form a large line of barrier spikes that are launched at the mouse pointer. Its base size increases with more skill points in DF.

Max damage is unknown.



  • Only defensive Devil Fruit in the game.
  • Summoned barriers reflect all projectiles (perpendicularly from where they made contact with the barrier).
  • Most abilities can be held, keeping the barrier active as long as stamina allows.
  • Barriers increase in size with a higher Devil Fruit stat.
  • Very useful as a support in dungeons when going to wave 50 or 100 due to the cage being able to block burn bazooka (very annoying npcs)
  • Since half the barrier in Barrier Crash is submerged, you are able to hit enemies through the floor. (This can be amazing when farming at Restaurant Baratie, but can also have a negative effect when fighting enemies above.)
  • can shield your downed party members from getting gripped by putting cage or sphere around them.


  • Barrier Sphere is very stamina intensive while held, and the user cannot regenerate stamina while holding it.
  • Struggles to combat far off opponents and opponents that can gain height very fast.
  • Average for grinding (only has three moves that deal damage but they are spammable since the buff).
  • Reflected projectiles can only damage NPCs or players that aren't the ones that shot the reflected attack[1].
  • Barrier Crash is dodge-able with Kenbunshoku Haki, no matter what part of the wall hits the opponent.
  • Barrier Stairs aren't very useful for gaining height as the staircase is thin and enemies could easily knock you out of them.
  • Low damaging abilities.
  • Barrier Spikes is considered an Ultimate in PVP and Dungeons, when it is statistically worse then most other fruits basic abilities.
  • Abilities constantly have bugs and glitches that make some of them lose their overall usefulness.
  • Some of Gura-Gura no Mi's attacks just ignore Barriers, as well as Bisento's Shockwave Slash.
    • Barrier Crash sometimes phases through NPCs if they are too close to it.
    • Half of Barrier Crash's wall is in the ground[2].
    • Barrier Cage sometimes knockbacks the opponent out of it, removing the meaning of the move. Also moves like Flame Flight can phase through it.
    • Bari's skills can be very obstructive to allies, especially when farming bosses, blocking friendly attacks as well as potentially trapping allies in a cage or bubble with a boss, causing some players to get locked with it.
  • Keep in mind Barrier Spikes actually has independent hitboxes through each spike. (When aimed/angled correctly, these spikes deal A LOT of damage, however, this occurance is quite rare and most likely only two spikes will damage an opponent.)


  • Candy Cane's Flash Freeze is a great combo starter for Bari due to freezing, giving enough time for the user to use a free Barrier Cage.
  • Although this may be annoying, when the player is low or out of Busoshoku Haki, trapping an opponent in their barrier sphere is a great for the user to recover (recommended with accessories that grant stamina regen buffs).



  • It was the first Rare fruit added in the game.
  • It is the only fruit to use actual collidable parts and not only effects.
  • Barrier was been recently buffed, it has lower cooldowns, longer duration of the barriers INCLUDING Barrier staircase.
  • Bari Cage was nerfed and it now only grows 2x its original speed…