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The Bisento, also known as the Murakumogiri, is a Legendary sword with a 1% chance to drop from Captain Zhen at Marine Ford.

It deals 11 base M1 damage.

The level requirement to trade it is 270+.

The damage and range is buffed with the Gura Gura no Mi.


Keybind Move Name Visual Showcase Requirements Stamina Description
E Heavy Sweep HeavySweep.gif 45 Sword Mastery 35 initial Stamina, 4 per tick (111 total) A good range block-breaker sweep, but is slow for the active frames to come out. If the user has the Gura Gura no Mi, the sweep will become larger and deal more damage.
R Shockwave Slash ShockwaveSlash.gif 75 Sword Mastery 55 Stamina One long ranged block-breaker slash projectile. If the user has the Gura Gura no Mi, it will shoot 3 of them, with a bigger AoE.


  • Both moves do high damage.
  • Shockwave slash has hyperarmor and massive AoE
  • Heavy Sweep can combo extend if used correctly
  • Highest base M1 damage in the game
  • Good for grinding since it has a barrage move


  • Long cooldowns
  • Long startup time for both moves
  • Shockwave Slash move can be easily punished by ranged moves (zoning), and completely avoided by grab moves
  • Heavy sweep has endlag, so that fast M1 speed weapons can take advantage
  • Both of Bisento's move drains a ton of stamina


  • The Bisento deals 15 M1 damage with every move unlocked (75 sword mastery).
  • The base damage for Shockwave slash is 60 DMG.
  • The base damage for Heavy Sweep is 3 DMG per hit (multiple hits).
  • The actual name for this kind of weapon is Naginata, a Japanese Polearm weapon with the blade of a small sword on the end.
  • This weapon currently holds the highest M1 damage in the game.