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The Bomu Bomu no Mi (Bomb-Bomb Fruit) is a Rare Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which gives the user the ability to conjure explosions.

The fruit appears to be an Orange with black details.

Bomu is mostly used for Dungeons and acquiring levels.


Showcase Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
Placeholder.jpg E Explosive Leap 0 Devil Fruit Mastery 15 Stamina Allows the user to leap in the air via their explosive powers, dealing low damage.

DMG is ROUNDDOWN(15 + 29/30 + (DF Stat)/30)

Placeholder.jpg R Explosive Swipe 15 Devil Fruit Mastery 30 Stamina Spawns an orb at the cursor that you can aim and shoots an explosion at the marked location. Can be charged to increase blast size, to try and snipe someone, or just to stay suspended in the air. Charging it does not increase its damage.

DMG is ROUNDDOWN(15 + 4/5 + (DF Stat)/5)

DMG caps at 125

Placeholder.jpg Z Explosive Mines 30 Devil Fruit Mastery 50 Stamina Creates explosive mines, and the longer it's held, the more mines are spawned and greater is their spread.

DMG is ROUNDDOWN(15 + 7/8 + (DF Stat)/8)

DMG caps at 125

Placeholder.jpg X Explosive Grab 50 Devil Fruit Mastery 25 Stamina The user grabs the opponent by their head then expels an explosion from their hand, harming the victim and knocking them away.

DMG is ROUNDDOWN(35 + 7/8 + (DF Stat)/8)

Self Explosion GIF.gif C Self Destruct 85 Devil Fruit Mastery Takes up to 75% of HP The user charges their body and self-destructs, taking a chunk of their HP and dealing an extraordinary AoE damage.

Full Charge DMG is 65% of HP

Note: This skill is based on HP Stats and not Devil Fruit stats.


  • Every move has some kind of AoE.
  • Self destruct is very powerful for dungeon bosses.
  • Very good for grinding.
  • Barely takes any stamina.
  • Mines go invisible after a second.
  • Passive increases the range and speed of the Q Dash and allows for midair use.
  • Has a lot of aerial mobility due to Explosive Leap and the dash passive.
  • Explosive Leap,
    • can be used to get out of water, although it requires good timing, since it works only if you are close to the surface.
    • can be used as an okay alternative to Geppo/Sky Walk allowing the user to get Sword Styles or the race fighting styles without worrying about mobility issues.
    • has a very low cooldown.
  • Explosive Grab,
    • if timed right, makes the user immune to damage for the duration.
    • allows for combos.
    • can deal damage to multiple people per explosion.


  • Unable to swim due to it being a Devil Fruit.
  • Self Destruct takes a lot of health if the player wants to deal a lot of damage, being also able to kill the user if they charge it too much.
  • Passive won't allow the use of Rokushiki's dash passive.
  • Even though every move has AoE, it is below decent, except for a charged Self Destruct.
  • When using the Bomu Bomu no Mi build in dungeons, the other moves won't be as effective.
  • The player and their party members can trigger the mines.
  • Bomb leap can be unreliable for mobility

Tips & Tricks[]

  • When having enough Stamina Regeneration buffs, Explosive Leap and Geppo/Sky Walk can be used for infinite air mobility.
  • The fruit synergizes well with Black Leg due to the combo potential of the moves.
  • Bomu is an extremely strong fruit when it comes to dungeons, as a popular strategy is to put a lot of points into Defense. By doing so, the player can one-shot the bosses with Self Destruct, which saves a lot of time and effort.
    • While having something near 2000 HP, the player can time their Ultimate as soon as the "Wave Clear!" message disappears.
    • To one shot dungeon bosses you'll need 1800 HP.


  • This fruit is very inaccurate to the actual anime, with Self Destruct being the closest it has to a canonical move, as the user of the fruit is only able to explode parts of their body, not set bombs.
  • This fruit is more related to the Baku Baku no mi, a Devil Fruit that allows it's user to place bombs wherever they wish.