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The Book of Spirits is a Rare item with a 45% drop chance from the Kraken at Second Sea Rough Waters.

It is used to resonate the Spirit Essence, which is used to learn Busoshoku V2.

To use it the player needs to go inside the Sharima and resonate the Spirit Essence. Then, they need to take it to Raytona and he'll give them the learning quest.

On the inside it has a Manga-style short story teaching the player how to use the book, similarly to the Book of Nitoryu.

The level requirement to trade it is 350+.

It has low trade value, being used mainly to help players loan it temporarily.



  • The Manga was drawn by PhiTheChi.
  • The character in the story is a young Musashi, probably before or during his training as a Nitoryu-style swordsman.