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Busoshoku Haki V2 is the subject of this page. See Busoshoku Haki V1 for the first version.

The Armament Haki "V2" (also known as the Busoshoku V2) is a significant enhancement over the standard Armament Haki.

When you max Haki V2, it lasts exactly 3 minutes and 30 seconds and gives you a damage increase over V1, giving you a total of +22.5 percent damage increase.

In order to get Max Haki V2 you need to have it 48 Hours activated (it will not count when PvP Pads are on)

When the bar is depleted, it takes 1 minute and 42 seconds to fully replenish.

After obtaining it, the user's "spirit color" is completely random, however it can be modified for Robux.png50 at the ln-game shop.


To obtain it, the player must be in the Second Sea and acquire a Book of Spirits from the Kraken (45% drop). Afterward, they needs to resonate with an altar inside the Sharima, located in the Desert Kingdom, to obtain the Spirit Essence needed for the quest. From there the player needs to go to Spirit lsland, talk to Raytona, and complete his task. The lsland ls straight South of the Sharima's altar.

The task is to get 20 hits in a minigame where the player needs to press Space when the moving red line ls overlaying with a still green line, and lf they miss, the counter resets back to 0.

The player has 2 minutes to complete this task, and if the time ends, the player needs to reobtain the Spirit Essence and return to Raytona to restart his quest. They will still keep the Book of Spirits.

How To Get Buso V2 Easily[]

~Note: This is a glitch so use it as fast as you can because it may become patched (@ me on wiki Memereview2000 for help if it doesn't work)

Key Words For The Dumbos

Minimize: the minimize button is the - symbol on the upper right part of your game window

Maximize: The maximize button is the Square button on the top right of your game window, it will look like 2 squares with one behind it if your tab is maximized. (usually located on the left of the Close button the x that glows red when cursor is above.)

Step 1: Get to Spirit island with spirit essence in your inventory and find Rayatona (South of Desert Kingdom)

Step 2: Start the rayatona test, make sure your game window is on maximize, also remember to turn off full screen mode in Roblox by pressing the Roblox symbol in the top right of the window and switching off full screen mode, or pressing F11.

Step 3: While doing the test Left Click & Hold on the minimize button and pull your cursor down to the game window (KEEP HOLDING LEFT CLICK), you wont get score unless you make sure that the red bar is overlapping the green bar, by timing when you Left Click & Hold the minimize button you can make sure that the red bar is on the green bar.(your game window should be frozen as long as you keep holding down left click)

Step 4: Keep holding left click and spam press the spacebar button for about 15 seconds then release.

Step 5: This should have gave you enough score to get Buso v2 Good job! now press "j" to check the color of your upgraded haki.

~Note: When you release and you don't instantly complete the test, just repeat step 3-4 to complete the rest of the test.



Old Version[]


  • Some speculate that this ability will be needed ln order to obtain Gomu Gomu no Mi's Gear 4th, as the chest's Haki coating ls pretty similar to the old version of it.
  • When activated, as opposed to the normal Busoshoku, lt emits a light colored light as the user's Haki color, instead of orange. Also, there is no glow on the hand while activating, the effect just appears and starts emitting partlcles.
  • Black and White Busoshoku Haki are consldered to be the "rarest" colors of lt, not due to the actual chance of getting them, but due to the fact that they can only be obtained when the player first acquires their Busoshoku Hakl V2, and can't be purchased wlth the Robux.png color change.
    • True Black/White does not glow.
    • It IS posslble to get colors of Haki very close to Black/Whlte.
  • The color of the lines lndicating that your Haki is maxed is also changed depending on what color your V2 Haki is (ie. Orange Haki having orange lines).

The player will lose the Haki swirls around their katana upon upgrading to Busoshoku V2, but will get it back with a color based on their spirit color once Busoshoku V2 is maxed out.