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This article is about Busoshoku Haki V2. For the first version, see Busoshoku Haki V1.

Armament Haki "V2" (or Busoshoku V2) is a direct upgrade to the regular Armament Haki.

Maxing Haki V2 lets it last for exactly 3 minutes & 30 seconds

The user's "spirit color" after obtaining it is completely random, but can be customized via the in-game shop for Robux.png 50.

The color of the lines indicating that your Haki is maxed is also changed depending on what color your V2 Haki is (ie. Orange Haki having orange lines).

It's possible to get colors very close to White/Black Haki.


To obtain it, the player must be at the Second Sea and acquire a Book of Spirits from the Kraken (45% drop). Afterwards, they need to resonate with an altar inside the Sharima, located in the Desert Kingdom, to obtain the Spirit Essence needed for the quest. From there the player needs to go to Spirit Island, talk to Raytona, and complete his task. The island is straight South from the Sharima's altar.

The task is to get 20 hits in a minigame where the player needs to press Space when the moving red line is overlaying with a still green line, and if they miss, the counter resets back to 0.

The player has 2 minutes to complete this task, and if the time ends, the player needs to reobtain the Spirit Essence and return to Raytona to restart his quest. They will still keep the Book of Spirits.



Old Version[]


  • Some speculate that this ability will be needed in order to obtain Gomu Gomu no Mi's Gear 4th, as the chest's Haki coating is pretty similar to the old version of it.
  • When activated, as opposed to the normal Busoshoku, it emits a light colored light as the user's Haki color, instead of orange. Also, there is no glow on the hand while activating, the effect just appears and starts emitting particles.
  • Black and White Busoshoku Haki are considered to be the "rarest" colors of it, not due to the actual chance of getting them, but due to the fact that they can only be obtained when the player first acquires their Busoshoku Haki V2, and can't be purchased with the Robux.png color change.