Grand Piece Online Wiki

Controls are used in and out of combat, such as rolling or sprinting.

  • Double press W to sprint.
  • Press Q in any direction to roll or use Soru or any other type of dash.
  • Left CTRL to climb walls/objects, dive into water.
  • M to open the in-game menu.
  • F is used to block.
  • R is used to reload your guns ammo.
  • V is to carry players when they are down and cant get back up.
  • B is to grip (kill) people when they are knocked down.
  • P to sit down in a boat (This button is also used to debug some movement bugs)
  • J activates Busoshoku Haki when acquired.
  • G activates Observation Haki when acquired.

You can also find most of the controls on the game page's description.