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Crab King Cho is a hard boss that spawns inside Crab Cave in the Desert Kingdom.

The boss has 25,000 HP, however, it passively negates a whopping 50% of all damage, thus bumping it to 50,000. Additionally, when his health is reduced to half or lower, he will start slowly healing.

The Crab King deals 71 M1 damage and also has a huge vertical M1 hitbox. His spawn time is 10 minutes.

He is surrounded by 5-20 of his Crab Minions. They each have 500 HP and deal 20 M1 damage.

His quest's level requirement is 375+.

The boss has a unique gripping animation, in which the Crab King Cho grabs and then devours the defeated player.


Crab King Cho's Moveset
Name Description Damage
Roar The crab puts his claws back and roars at the player, similarly to the Sea Serpent's Roar attack. Unlike Roar, it is blockable. 5 hits of 32-50 DMG
Crab Shield Creates a purple bubble-like shield around itself that deflects projectiles. This reflects all projectiles, except for attacks specifically from the fruit Mera Mera no Mi. It also does not reflect the Pika Pika no mi's light kick N/A
Claw Smash The boss puts his claws together and smashes them into the ground, block-breaking. 100 DMG
Dash The boss dashes towards the player, knocking and block-breaking everything in its way. ? DMG


Tactics & Tips[]

  • The player should mainly use AoE moves, to both kill the many crab Minions and damage the Crab King while he is using Crab Shield.
  • A M1 strategy is: 5 M1s, block (only 1 hit), 5 M1s, block (only 1 hit), 5 M1s (hold space) > The boss will jump on top of the player and use Claw Smash while jumping. When he comes down, loop: 5 M1s, block, 5 M1s, block, 5 M1s (hold space), loop.
  • The best fruit for fighting this is Mera, keep your range and just spam Firefly to cheese the boss.


Visual Showcase Name Description Stats
CrabCutlassDN.png Crab Cutlass (1%) A Legendary rough-looking cutlass that is capable of powerful slashes. 8 base M1 damage.
Cho's Crown (5%) A Rare head accessory that looks like the Crab King's shell molded into a crown. +50 HP
+1 Health Regen