Grand Piece Online Wiki

You can also type "grandpieceonline" on Discord's "Join a Server" button.

For a list of server's current administrators and moderators, see: Dev Team#Discord Mods.


On the server you may find plenty of categories and channels. In order, those are:

  • Important - All things the user may read before using any other channel. There you can find the rules, announcements and FAQ. Also you cant talk on any channel unless you accept all the rules and verify, but we weont tell you how to accept the rules. Please figure that out yourself
  • Game info - Mostly game-related announcements and information.
    • #game-info - Important information regarding the game, such as frequently asked questions, bugs and glitches.
    • #official-hubs - All official Discord Hubs. Those include: The Official Trade Hub, Pirate Hub, Marine Hub and Crew Battles Hub.
      Warning! The past hyperlinks redirect to Discord.
    • #2x-logia - Information regarding the 2x Logia Weekends.
    • #updates - All important info about game updates. Including release dates, changelogs, bug patches and new codes.
    • #drop-boss-info - Information about Boss drops.
  • Peeks - All public sneak peeks from the Developers.
    • #👙phoeyu-sneakpeeks🔱 - Sneak peeks from Phoeyu.
    • #💩modeling-peeks - Sneak peeks from Benere, Opom and Oetamayo.
    • #🏄‍♀️animation-peeks - Sneak peeks from TBGlitch.
    • #🔨building-peek - Sneak peeks from Corymegatron.
    • #🙃dahnoob-wuzz-here - Sneak peeks from DahNoob.
    • #🎨ui-graphics-peeks - Sneak peeks from SmolRumby and Citor.
    • #✍thumbnail-peeks - Sneak peeks from Artszy.
    • #🐧bean-sneaks - Sneak peeks from The Beanman.
    • #🔥kuros-corner - Sneak peeks from Kuro.
  • Events - Community-related events.
    • #🎓votes - Polls for new codes and game updates.
    • #❗events - Game and server events, mostly "game nights".
    • #🎁givewaway - Rarily-occuring givewaways for fruits, items and tester roles.
  • Content Creators - Youtube videos. One channel (#🎮gpo-content) is for the youtubers (Youtuber role), and the other one is for Phoeyu himself (#🔔phoeyu-vids).
  • Art creation - All art-related channels.
    • #goated-fan-art - Fan art for the server's moderators.
    • #benere-fan-art - Fan art for Benere.
    • #tytis-fan-art - Fan art for Tytis.
    • #pro-fan-art - Fan art made by artists with the 🎨Talented artist role.
    • #fanart - General fan art, made by those with the artist role.
  • Off-topic-info - General off-topic information. Such as #❗common-scams and #💢qotd (question of the day).
  • Text channels - Unused channels. Those include a #❓q-and-a (question and answer) and the old "#🌐general" chat.
  • Paid access - Channels that were previously only accessible to those who bought the game.
    • #💰paid-general - The general text channel used by all users.
    • #📷images - Patreon-only image channel.
    • #🤖bot-commands - Channel used for all kinds of bot commands. Any command sent in another channel may result in a warning.
    • #🧠suggestions - Community suggestions for the game.
    • #🥭trading - Leftover trading channel made Patreon-exclusive. The main place players use for trading is now the official Trade Hub.
    • #❓questions - Player-to-player doubt-taking channel.
    • #🐜bug-reports - Channel used for reporting game bugs.
    • #📄exloit-report-format - Message format for the channel below.
    • #🆘exploiter-reports - Channel used for reporting exploiters.
    • #🌸ban-appeal-format - Document format for the channel below.
    • #🦍ban-appeal - Channel used for appealing in-game bans.
    • #⛵crew-recruitment - Channel used to advertise your crews or join one.
    • #🕵️‍♂️private-servers - Private server sharing for raids or grinding.
    • #clothes-submissions - Channel used to share clothing creations for Benere to model. Only a few are chosen.
    • #clothes-submission-format - Image format for the channel above.
  • Languages - Text channels for non-english speakers.
    • The most preeminent is #💬br-brazilian, having the second most messages in the server and being constantly visited by Phoeyu.
  • Verification - Channels used for server verification and language roles. The server uses Bloxlink and RoVer.
  • Voice Channels - All voice channels, including the podcast text channels.
  • Music - Voice channels for hearing music.