Grand Piece Online Wiki

Grand Piece Online's Discord server is a Hub for everything related to the game. There you can find important announcements, sneak peeks, changelogs, new codes, etc.

To access it, the global invite is:

You can also type "grandpieceonline" on Discord's "Join a Server" button.

For a list of server's current administrators and moderators, see: Dev Team#Discord Mods.


On the server you may find plenty of categories and channels. In order, those are:

  • Important - All things the user may read before using any other channel. There you can find the rules, announcements and FAQ.
  • Game info - Mostly game-related announcements and information.
    • #game-info - Important information regarding the game, such as frequently asked questions, bugs and glitches.
    • #official-hubs - All official Discord Hubs. Those include: The Official Trade Hub, Pirate Hub, Marine Hub and Crew Battles Hub.
      Warning! The past hyperlinks redirect to Discord.
    • #2x-logia - Information regarding the 2x Logia Weekends.
    • #updates - All important info about game updates. Including release dates, changelogs, bug patches and new codes.
    • #drop-boss-info - Information about Boss drops.
  • Peeks - All public sneak peeks from the Developers.
    • #👙phoeyu-sneakpeeks🔱 - Sneak peeks from Phoeyu.
    • #💩modeling-peeks - Sneak peeks from Benere, Opom and Oetamayo.
    • #🏄‍♀️animation-peeks - Sneak peeks from TBGlitch.
    • #🔨building-peek - Sneak peeks from Corymegatron.
    • #🙃dahnoob-wuzz-here - Sneak peeks from DahNoob.
    • #🎨ui-graphics-peeks - Sneak peeks from SmolRumby and Citor.
    • #✍thumbnail-peeks - Sneak peeks from Artszy.
    • #🐧bean-sneaks - Sneak peeks from The Beanman.
    • #🔥kuros-corner - Sneak peeks from Kuro.
  • Events - Community-related events.
    • #🎓votes - Polls for new codes and game updates.
    • #❗events - Game and server events, mostly "game nights".
    • #🎁givewaway - Rarily-occuring givewaways for fruits, items and tester roles.
  • Content Creators - Youtube videos. One channel (#🎮gpo-content) is for the youtubers (Youtuber role), and the other one is for Phoeyu himself (#🔔phoeyu-vids).
  • Art creation - All art-related channels.
    • #goated-fan-art - Fan art for the server's moderators.
    • #benere-fan-art - Fan art for Benere.
    • #tytis-fan-art - Fan art for Tytis.
    • #pro-fan-art - Fan art made by artists with the 🎨Talented artist role.
    • #fanart - General fan art, made by those with the artist role.
  • Off-topic-info - General off-topic information. Such as #❗common-scams and #💢qotd (question of the day).
  • Text channels - Unused channels. Those include a #❓q-and-a (question and answer) and the old "#🌐general" chat.
  • Paid access - Channels that were previously only accessible to those who bought the game.
    • #💰paid-general - The general text channel used by all users.
    • #📷images - Patreon-only image channel.
    • #🤖bot-commands - Channel used for all kinds of bot commands. Any command sent in another channel may result in a warning.
    • #🧠suggestions - Community suggestions for the game.
    • #🥭trading - Leftover trading channel made Patreon-exclusive. The main place players use for trading is now the official Trade Hub.
    • #❓questions - Player-to-player doubt-taking channel.
    • #🐜bug-reports - Channel used for reporting game bugs.
    • #📄exloit-report-format - Message format for the channel below.
    • #🆘exploiter-reports - Channel used for reporting exploiters.
    • #🌸ban-appeal-format - Document format for the channel below.
    • #🦍ban-appeal - Channel used for appealing in-game bans.
    • #⛵crew-recruitment - Channel used to advertise your crews or join one.
    • #🕵️‍♂️private-servers - Private server sharing for raids or grinding.
    • #clothes-submissions - Channel used to share clothing creations for Benere to model. Only a few are chosen.
    • #clothes-submission-format - Image format for the channel above.
  • Languages - Text channels for non-english speakers.
    • The most preeminent is #💬br-brazilian, having the second most messages in the server and being constantly visited by Phoeyu.
  • Verification - Channels used for server verification and language roles. The server uses Bloxlink and RoVer.
  • Voice Channels - All voice channels, including the podcast text channels.
  • Music - Voice channels for hearing music.