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For more information visit the Devil Fruits Page[]

100% fruit drop at wave 25+ but it will only give to the MVP of the game (the person that does the most damage) Exp is rewarded based on damage done

Skips the entire common fruit tier at wave 50+ (This does not make getting a legendary or mythical more common, it just converts the common to rare.)

Usually takes around 20-30 minutes to get to wave 25. Effectively getting 1 fruit (4% Legendary, 0.5% Mythical, 25% Rare and 70.5% Common.) Every 20~ minutes, while a fruit takes 1-4 hours to spawn in a new server.

Assuming it takes an average of 20 minutes (best achieved with the Mera-Mera or Suna-Suna fruit) to complete a wave 25 dungeon, with a 4% rate of receiving a legendary, we can calculate the average amount of time spent per legendary fruit received:

  1. Find the number of rounds it will take to get a 50% chance of getting a fruit: 0.96 ^ 16.98 ≈ 0.5
  2. Multiply the number of rounds with the time spent on each round: 16.98 * 20 = 339.6 min = 5 hr 39.6 min

We can do the same with mythical fruits, with a 0.5% rate:

  1. Find the number of rounds it will take to get a 50% chance of getting a fruit: 0.995 ^ 138.28 ≈ 0.5
  2. Multiply the number of rounds with the time spent on each round: 138.28 * 20 = 2,765.6 min = 46 hr 5.6 min (almost two days)

Dungeon Devil Fruit Drops are always completely up to luck. In addition, these calculations may not be correct because the real chances of receiving fruits are not agreed upon. There is more information about dungeons and fruit drop rates at this server.


  • Rewards EXP based on damage
  • Every 5th wave there will be a boss, in wave 20 and above there will be 2 bosses after that every 10 waves there will be one more boss (Pika Pika boss, Hie Hie boss, Mera Mera boss)
  • Recommended level for this gamemode: Level 225+
  • Easy to do with friends (up to wave 25)
  • If someone dies, they respawn in the next wave
  • Beware of gun users stunning you and pushing you out of your flight skill
  • 1SS users and Kiribachi users can stunlock you very hard in waves 10+.

Each 10 waves after wave 15, there will be an extra boss. For example, on Wave 15, there will be 1 boss, on Wave 20, there's 2 bosses, on Wave 30, there's 3 bosses, on Wave 300, there's 30 bosses, on Wave 3000, there's 300 bosses.

Easiest fruits to solo this with, in order from easiest to hardest:

Mera, Suna, Tori, Pika, Magu, Zushi, Gura, Bomu, Goro, Ito, Gomu, Hie, Horo, Mero, Bari, Kilo, Spin, Suke


Strategies are methods of how you (or a group of players) gets to a certain number of waves (usually wave 25). They are very important as they determine how you play depending on the map, player count and wave you are getting to.

List Of Strategies:[]

(This is a WIP (Work in Progress). If you have anything to add, please add it.)

  • Lane Wipe - This strat is only possible if you have 4 or more people in your group. Simply choose one lane to go to and kill all the NPC's that spawn in that lane (Best in Skypiea).
  • Grouping - Flying up or using Geppo upwards and letting all the NPC's gather up in the center, and killing off all of them at once (Bari's stairs can be also used)
  • Trapping - Bari user uses Barrier Sphere each time there's a boss, making the boss much easier. (will only work with a bari user)
  • Grouping into the edges - (Only possible in Skypiea) ; Get into the edges when a wave is starting so the enemies are getting grouped into the 4 edges. After you got them there you can go to them and kill them in smaller group. (Any fruit can be used for this)


Visual Showcase Name Description Stats Dropped By
Flame Scarf.png
Flame Scarf (5%) A Rare neck accessory that provides benefits against burn damage. +15% Reduced burn damage Mera boss
Lantern Of Hope.png
Lantern of Hope (5-10%) A Rare waist accessory that provides HP related buffs. Being one of only 2 waist accessories means the Lantern of Hope is great to have until you obtain the Anniversary Lantern. +25 HP

+0.5 HP Regen

Pika boss
Ice Necklace.png
Ice Necklace (5%) A Rare neck accessory that provides benefits against freezing. +10% Reduced Freeze Hie boss
Devil Fruit (100%) A legendary fruit that comes from the sea and is rumored to grant the user special powers. The player can eat it to gain more skills and power. Completing wave 24 (awarded to mvp only.)
  • The amount of time needed to complete the dungeon does not affect the fruit drop.
  • It is recommended to stop at wave 25, as there are no Burn Bazooka users.
  • On the Skypiea map, you can stay on top of the right side of the temple and attack enemies using your moves to safely kill them whilst not getting hit.

Devil Fruit Strategies[]

Mera: Use flame flight to fly to the top of the dungeon map in the center, wait for all the NPC’s to group up, and use hiken until they’re all dead. Finish off the remaining gun users with fireflies or your sword. With bosses, use your ult, and run while spamming mera moves. If it's a Pika Boss try to use Mera Flight to dodge their ult since it has spread to it

Gura: Alternate between shock punch and blast clutcher each round. Geppo up in the middle, and hold shock punch until all the NPC’s are grouped up. Then release the move and hopefully kill all of them in one shot. With blast clutcher learn to time your charge. For bosses, use ult just before they spawn, and run and spam gura moves.

Bari: Use stairs until you reach a point where sword NPCs can't teleport to you. Geppo up 2 or 3 times and use cage on the stairs (make sure you don't aim at the ground or else you'll fall and have to redo it). Hold the cage until all of the NPCs are in the center, then release it to hit them all. If there are still any NPCs left alive, they'll still be trapped in the cage, making it easy to kill the rest. (In my opinion, bari would be the best fruit to farm dungeons with if there weren't any boss rounds. It's still a good fruit to use to make dungeon farming less stressful in between boss spawns.)

Magu: Geppo up in the center and hold magma fist, when all the NPC’s are grouped up in the center release. If they are not all dead use a quick lava hound. For bosses, use your ult and run and spam.

Pika: Geppo up a few times, hold light lunge and face upwards then light kick until they’re all grouped up in the center, and then release. Use mirror kick if there are any remaining NPC’s.

Bomu: Geppo on top of a tower or rocks and spam the Explosive Swipe move till all of the enemies are gone. For Bosses, you need to start charging as soon as you get your "round refresh" (full hp haki etc) BUT if you charge before this it will either not kill the boss or miss the second boss leaving you open at low hp to lose but if you have a friend with you it should be fine.

Mero: Geppo all the way up and hold pistol kiss until all NPCs are in the middle. When they're all grouped together, drop down and time your love wave to the point where you're just in range but fist NPCs cannot hit you. Sword style users will damage you so I recommend at minimum 700 HP and high fruit stats before trying this.

Hie: Geppo up and spam E and R until the NPC's are dead. For bosses you want to go to a corner (sky map only) and go to the side wall and spam Z and C, make sure they don't go in the corner your in.

Suna: Fly up wait for all NPC's to go into the middle, and use Desert Storm. For boss waves use Desert Storm as soon as they spawn then use Desert Spada, Desert Railgun, And Desert Cutlass in order.

Goro: For NPC's Geppo up and hold Lighting Wrath and once they all gathered release it. For boss waves on Skypiea map only, go to the edge of a barrier with the boss'(s) on the other end zoom out and use Lighting Wrath and Lighting Dragon while a tiny bit left of them.

Zushi: Either fly or geppo up and wait for all NPC's to collect in the middle, then use meteor strike, move around to avoid being hit by the rockets. For bosses, if it is a Pika Boss, when they are in the air, use your ult and put your cursor on them. Otherwise, take advantage of Gravity Pull and use either your haki infused weapon or fighting style to deal some combos, use Gravity Push to knock back Mera bosses before they are able to use Flame Pillar.

Gomu: Stay in the middle and super geppo upwards 3-4 times. Hold pistol in the air and wait for the NPC's to gather below you. Begin pistoling the NPC's, or you can also risk getting hit for an insta-kill with a high level bazooka. To kill bosses, wait for the "New Wave is Starting" message, and begin using Gatling on spawn the moment you see it, and also jump up and down. Follow up with a Rifle and (if needed) a bazooka. If this fails, keep distance and block any blockable moves. Any map works, but Colosseum is the fastest.

Tori: Use your half bird form, and stand in the middle of the map. Wait till all the npc gather and you use your phoenix burst. While all the npcs gather you can shoot the bazookas and pistols from long range with the phoenix burst, (the cooldown is very low). For bosses charge up your ultimate and use it, run away and the just spam the phoenix burst. When you have killed the first boss, you can m1 the other one to death. This stragegy works best on skypea.