Grand Piece Online Wiki

Fighting Styles are a method of fighting that differ in how damage is dealt. Every style has weaknesses and strengths, but it is up to the player to decide how it is utilized.

Black Leg[]

Black leg move set.png

Location: Baratie

Requirement: PeliW.png 9,000

Moves: Sky Walk (Geppo), B-Shot, Collier, Concasser, Party Table Kick Course, Anti-Manner Kick Course

Demon Step[]

Demon Step pose.png

Location: Coco Island

Requirement(s): PeliW.png 50,000, Scorched Heart, 125 points in Black Leg

Moves: Sky Walk (Geppo), Demon Spectrum, Demon Flash, Demon Blitz, Demon Axe Drop, Demonic Sky Driller


Location: Mysterious Tower

Requirement(s): PeliW.png 10,000

Moves: Shigan, Soru, Tekkai, Geppo, Rankyakyu, Rokuogan

Electro Style[]

Location: Island of Zou

Requirement(s): PeliW.png 15,000, 25 Carrots, Mink Race

Moves: Electro Fist, Electro Dash, Electro Luna, Electro Rain, Raiju Punishment

Electro Style is a fighting style typically used by Zou Inhabitants. It's good for bosses and quests and it's also good for stunning opponents. The Electro Dash can be used to get out of combos, but now isn't very viable for PvP, with its somewhat low damage.

Fishman Karate[]

Location: Fishman Island

Requirement(s): PeliW.png 30,000, 75 Shark Teeth obtainable from killing sharks in the water, Fishman Race

Moves: Five Thousand Brick Fists, Water Prison, Shark Barrage, Water Serpent, Water Bomb

Fishman Karate is said to be the only fighting style to actually compete with a Devil Fruit's power. Good for PVP and farming and has a good ultimate move that does a lot of damage. The problem is that the player needs the Fishman race to obtain, which is very luck dependent. It is a good fighting style for both PvP and PvE. However, it has very little mobility, with no geppo/skywalk or traveling moves.

1 Sword Style[]

Location: Roca Island

Requirement(s): PeliW.png 10,000, 1 Sword Style-Compatible Sword

Moves: 36 Caliber Phoenix, Rapid Slashes, Raging Serpent, Shishi Sonson, Dragon Blaze

The 1 Sword Style is a great fighting style for farming and PVP. It's fast, but doesn't have any traveling moves other then Shishi Sonson, which doesn't have a great range. Also, the player needs to have 200 points in Sword Mastery to learn all skills.

2 Sword Style[]

Location: Dojo Island

Requirement(s): All 1SS Skills, PeliW.png 50,000, 2 Sword Style-Compatible Swords

Moves: 72 Pound Phoenix, Raging Whirl, Tower Climb Ripple, Nitoryu Strike, Rashomon Draw


  • It is not possible to have two fighting styles at the same time.
  • If you have a fighting style you can always get it back by going to the respective trainer without re-learning all the skills, but you still need to pay the requirements.