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First Quest: Kill 5 Fishman Karate Users

Each Fishman Karate User has 351 health. 160 defense is required to block all m1s

XP From Quest: 1200

XP From Fishman Users:1000

Total From Quest:2200

Peli: 950

Each Fishman Karate User gives 200 XP and 90 Peli.

Total Quest EXP - 2200xp

Total Quest Peli - 1400p

Easy with Black Leg and Concasser, or using Bomu Self Destruction or using Mero then standing on top of the ledge and using Love pistol to attract all of the fishmen then spam Love wave and Love charm you can also use burst. If you're using Gomu Gomu no Mi and Black Leg, another easy way would be to attract all of the fishmen with Pistol, use Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, and end them with Gatling.

If using blackleg, a tactic that can be used is attracting them with a pistol at the top of the hill, then using Party Table Kick course to attack them all, then jumping back up the hill, and repeating Party Table Kick Course until they are dead.

If using 1SS (One Sword Style), an easy way to grind this quest is to use Dragon Blaze to attract four of the fishmen at once. Then, while they are in the move's knockback, quickly use 36 Pound Phoenix to attract the last one. Then, use Rapid Slashes to finish them off. However, if your Rapid Slashes doesn't finish them off, use this other method. Climb onto one of the ledges near the quest and attract them using the same strategy from there. Then, use 36 Pound Phoenix to slowly chip away at their health.[1]

Level Requirement: 190+

Second Quest: Kill "Ryu"

Level Requirement: 210+

Third Quest: Kill "Neptune"

Level Requirement: 230+

Personal Opinion from a player: I recommend farming for exp here instead of Marine Base G-1 IF you don't have a good stuff (Devil Fruit, Weapon), as the spawns are faster, easier to complete, and i'm pretty sure it gives a faster rate of exp, compared to the non boss quest in the other island. Also, some people reccomend farming here until level 425 because it is faster.(you don't have to though) (Note: with the christmas event still going on, its easier to after you get lvl 325, you go straight to Winter Wonderland By: CinnamonCrumbs)

*As I calculated, it gives you a rate of about 11000 exp every 6 minutes. About 1 quest per minute (I did 5 in 6 minutes, about 1min 12s per quest).