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Fishman Karate is a Fighting Style unique to the Fishman race, that consists of techniques consisting of water manipulation.


You can learn Fishman Karate by talking to Jin, a master of Fishman Karate. He is located in front of the castle where you fight Neptune, in Fishman Island. In order to obtain Fishman Karate, the player needs 75 Shark Teeth (Dropped by Sharks), PeliW.png 30000 and the Fishman race.

Unlike most other fighting styles, Fishman Karate's moveset damage scales with it's mastery instead of strength.

Learning Fishman Karate will add a unique category to your stats called Fishman Karate Mastery, which unlocks and increases the damage of the skills from the fighting style. After obtaining Fishman Karate, you will have to talk to the style trainer to obtain each skill. For the fishman karate fighting style, the maximum M1 damage is 50, with 560 skill points in strength. Spending more than 560 skill points would lead to no damage increase. With Borj’s Armor, the M1 damage caps at 50 at 531 skill points.


Fishman Karate
Keybind Move Visual Showcase Requirements Cost Stamina Description
E Five Thousand Brick Fist WaterPunch.gif Free Free 25 Stamina When used, knocks the enemy back a long distance. This skill also breaks blocks and gives an additional dash boost when used. (Damage cap: 75)
R Water Prison WaterPrison.gif 25 Mastery Peli SmallW.png 2000 35 Stamina Upon activation creates a small area of water that traps and deals great tick damage to any enemy. This move has a range cap and oftenly glitches if you're not aiming exactly on the ground. Also, Water Prison now has a small knockback when the bubble pops so it's much harder to combo with it. (Damage cap: 30)
Z Shark Barrage SharkBarrage.gif 50 Mastery Peli SmallW.png 4000 45 Stamina + 5 per tick Shark Barrage sends 24 shark-like projectiles from your fists dealing an extremely high amount of damage and high AOE. Each shark has enough stun to allow the next to hit. If you catch your opponents in this, it will melt their HP. This is basically Magu-Magu's Magma Rain but the projectiles have little knockback and also stuns (If you use this underwater the sharks just drop immediately) (Damage cap 40).
X Water Serpent WaterSerpent.gif 75 Mastery Peli SmallW.png 6000 50 Stamina Upon use, summons a water serpent from the ground in front of you which follows your cursor. If it doesn't hit anything after 5 seconds, the serpent will explode on its own. This move will not work if the user is not on the ground, but will still consume stamina. This move breaks block and works while underwater.
C Water Bomb Bomber.gif 125 Mastery Peli SmallW.png 12000 150 Stamina This move creates a Massive water blob which you can send forwards dealing 5 ticks of massive AOE damage. For all 5 ticks to hit you should aim to get opponents in the center of it. You can charge this move for a bigger AoE but it does not increase damage. This move is insanely broken in PVP because it can be used to break blocks while dealing huge damage. This move works while underwater.


  • High M1 damage cap.
  • Water Prison is a combo extender
  • Two blockbreakers
    • Five Thousand Brick Fist, Water Serpent
  • Great for leveling due to Shark Barrage
  • Well rounded in all aspects of the game, whether it's PvE or PvP
  • Great for farming bosses


  • Most Fishman Karate moves do not get the huge damage buff from Busoshoku Haki. Only M1s and Five-Thousand Brick Fist get buffed, probably due to their being the only physical contact moves.
  • Very poor M1 scaling compared to other melee fighting styles (like Black Leg).
  • Bad scaling on some moves (Water Serpent and Water Bomb)
  • Requires the most stat points out of every fighting style
  • All of the skills scale off of Fishman Karate mastery and not Strength, meaning you need to put lots of skill points into both categories for both M1 damage and moveset damage.
  • Most skills do not work in mid-air
  • Heavy stamina usage


  • Abuse Shark Barrage as much as possible, as in Update 5 it got a buff[1], making it stun.
  • Use Water Prison to your advantage when dealing with crowds of people, as it can hit multiple people, making it lethal. In 2v2s, this becomes deadly.
  • Try to use your moves while on the ground, as being in mid-air glitches some moves, such as Water Bomb.
  • Despite being the ultimate, Water Bomb is ultimately not worth it. It's best to not use it when in PvP scenarios, as it only proves decent in crowded fights.


  • All of Fishman Karate's moves scale off of Fishman Karate Mastery and will have no change in damage with strength. The only exception to this is the M1. As a result, it requires a large amount of stat points to use to its fullest potential compared to other fighting styles like Rokushiki or Black Leg that scale off Strength and only require mastery to unlock skills.
  • This is one of the few fighting styles that is locked by a Race, being Fishman.