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The Gomu-Gomu no Mi (Rubber-Rubber Fruit) is a Rare Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that turns the user's body into rubber.

The model is a slightly carved purple sphere-shaped fruit with a brown curly stem.

Gears will come as transformations in future updates, possibly activated just like Black Leg's Demon Step (N key).


Gomu-Gomu no mi's Base Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
E Gomu-Gomu no Pistol 15 Devil Fruit Mastery 20 Stamina A long-ranged punch propelled by the user's elastic rubber consistency. Can stop mid-air if held.
R Gomu-Gomu no Balloon 25 Devil Fruit Mastery 45 Stamina A technique that inflates the user with air, temporarily enhancing defense, reducing damage, and negating stuns and knockback. Can't stop mid-air.
T Gomu-Gomu no Rocket 35 Devil Fruit Mastery 45 Stamina The user stretches both arms to grab any surface before retracting and flinging themselves airborne. Can stop mid-air if held.
Z Gomu-Gomu no Bazooka 50 Devil Fruit Mastery 50 Stamina A stretched, two-handed block-breaking palm strike focused on knocking the enemy back. Can stop mid-air if held.
X Gomu-Gomu no Gatling 60 Devil Fruit Mastery 4 Stamina per punch 45 punches (180 stamina total) A swift barrage of close-ranged stretched punches. Does not stop when mid-air.
C Gomu-Gomu no Rifle 85 Devil Fruit Mastery 100 Stamina The user twists his arm back and performs a powerful block-breaking spinning punch attack.




  • Most moves deal great damage.
  • Gomu-Gomu no Pistol has good range and can be used to snipe opponents.
  • Gomu-Gomu no Pistol also has a really low cooldown, making it very good to spam against Krakens or Sea Serpents.
  • Gomu-Gomu no Bazooka has a fairly large hitbox and block-breaks.
  • Gomu-Gomu no Balloon can deflect cannonballs, rockets, and certain fruits' projectiles.
  • Gomu-Gomu no Rocket allows for extremely good and fast ground mobility.
  • Gomu-Gomu no Gatling deals extremely high damage, with a maximum of 19 damage (with Busoshoku V2) per hit and having around 45 hits. This deals a whopping 855 total damage!


  • Has little to no combos, since most moves are meant to be combo enders.
  • Requires a decent amount of stat points into fruit to be viable (at least 400).
  • Balloon is mostly useless other than for the Fishman swim technique.
  • Every single attack has a long cooldown, except for Gomu-Gomu no Pistol.
  • This fruit is meant to be used on land and thus it is very hard to use it on air. Hitting Rifle in the air is close to impossible.

Tips & Tactics

  • The Fishman swim technique is where you use Balloon with Fishman. If you jump in the water you can travel at high speeds.
  • In Dungeons, you can easily defeat enemies by staying in the middle, then jumping and holding Bazooka, since it block-breaks and one-shots these enemies.
    • You can also use Gomu-Gomu no Rifle on the boss from 5-15, and then use Gatling, which can deal around 950 damage. on the double bosses, you can use Rifle and focus on one, then get the other.


  • DahNoob is the one who animated it. Benere is the one who made it's meshes.
  • Phoeyu showed this fruit off in a video on June 9th, 2021 in a 1v1.
  • Gomu is one of the few fruits where Busoshoku Haki increases the damage of its attacks.
  • The damage cap for Gomu is at 695 skill points into devil fruit.
  • The icon used for Devil Fruits is actually a silhouette of Gomu's fruit model.
  • Despite becoming rubber, you don't actually become immune to electricity. You also aren't immune to guns (without balloon)