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The Goro Goro no Mi (Rumble-Rumble Fruit) is a Legendary Logia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to manipulate, produce, and turn into Lightning. The fruit is widely known for its stuns and high combo potential.

The model resembles a glowing light-blue pineapple embezzled with flame-like tips, and curly patterns imprinted on them.

As a Logia-type, it grants the user a "Logia bar", which can be trained to dodge up to 20 non-Haki-infused physical attacks by draining it repeatedly.

Additionally, its passive turns the Q dash into a short, instantaneous lightning transmission.


Goro-Goro Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Preview Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
E GoroE.gif Lightning Paralyzation 0 Devil Fruit Mastery 15 Stamina Creates a small and expandable AoE bubble that stuns anyone inside it with a small, blockable lightning bolt.

DMG is 10 + (DF Stat/10).
Caps at 100 DMG (900 DF Stat)

CD: 13s

R GoroR.gif Flash Smash 35 Devil Fruit Mastery 30 Stamina Teleports to the cursor location and smashes the ground with an explosion of block-breaking lightning after a delay.

DMG is 35 + (DF Stat/5).
Caps at 150 DMG (575 DF Stat)

CD: 20s

Z GoroZ.gif Lightning Wrath 75 Devil Fruit Mastery 75 Stamina Strikes the ground with a huge, but blockable (last hit does not guard break), crackling thunderbolt that deals a large amount of damage.

DMG is 16 + (DF Stat/35) per hit

CD: 20s

X GoroX.gif Lightning Dragon 85 Devil Fruit Mastery 85 Stamina Launches a blockable lightning dragon that deals a decent amount of damage to the target. The attack also produces a lightning effect that bounces between enemies, dealing damage. The lightning effect multiplies in damage depending on the number of enemies the user hits with the skill.
C ThunderGreeting.gif Thunder Greeting 125 Devil Fruit Mastery 95 initial Stamina, 223 fully charged Summons a thunder cloud that slowly forms into dark, round sphere bordered with blue containing a inordinately large amount of destructive block-breaking electricity. It has a massive AoE and deals a large amount of damage.

The size of the sphere can be charged, but it does not increase damage.

DMG is 50 + (DF Stat/13) rounded up
CD: 1min 5s


  • Logia bar.
  • All moves have great AoE.
  • Great for PvE (grinding and bosses).
  • Amazing fruit in PvP due to its incredibly high combo potential.
  • High damage.
  • Great for ship farming.
  • Great for dungeons due to its high AoE.
  • Buffs Golden Staff by pressing X, increasing damage and range.


  • Very long cooldowns on nearly every move.
  • High stamina costs.
  • Lacks a transportation move other than Flash Smash.
  • Not the greatest fruit to farm Sea Serpents with because of the short range of some moves and the long cooldowns.
  • Every move except for the ultimate can be canceled early if struck during its cast.
  • Long startup time on moves.
  • Only 1 move block-breaks besides the Ultimate.
  • Ultimate takes a long time to charge and opponents can use Tekkai (if they have it) to counter the move.
  • Easy to predict and easily perfect blockable, if the opponent has enough experience.

Tips & Tricks

  • The player can utilize their lightning dash while blocking.
  • Flash Smash can be used to teleport out of water.
  • Goro has high knockback on most of its moves, so the user has to be aware of it when using the fruit.
  • A simple combo for Goro is Z, followed by X, then R.
    • Another combo that's really good with Goro is 5 M1s + Geppo towards their ragdoll + Collier/Lightning Paralyzation + Trident Impale.
    • If following up with Geppo is a bit difficult to do, the player can instead try 4 M1s (hold space) + Lightning Paralyzation + 5 M1s + Geppo + Collier + 5 M1s.
      • A slightly more advanced combo with Golden Staff is 4 M1s (hold space) + Rapid Thrust (add a jump when falling down) + 5 M1s + Geppo + Collier + 5 M1s + Lightning Paralyzation + 5 M1s + Flash Smash
      • Crab Cutlass + Goro + Black Leg combo: 4 M1s -> Lightning Paralyzation -> uptilt to Cutlass Lounge -> 4 M1s -> Collier -> 5 M1s -> Lightning Wrath, Lighting Dragon then Flash Smash. Rinse and repeat.
  • Because Lightning Paralyzation is such a strong move for PvP, it's possible to not put any skill points into it. A possible build path is to have 475 Defense, and put the rest into either a Fighting Style or Sword Mastery.