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Grand Piece Online is a long waited paid-access naval adventure Roblox game created by Grand Quest Games and based on Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime One Piece.

Long awaited naval adventure experience.

Work towards your ideal build, discover hidden locations, and challenge difficult bosses while competing with others!

Scavenge the lands for treasure and exotic fruits known to empower their eaters. Hunt the pirates, or side with them.

Perhaps you'll join a crew, or better yet, make one yourself."

Game description.


The game features various islands, which can be explored via ships and Eternal Poses, compass devices that always point to their respective island. Each island has its required level and XP-giving quests, given by friendly NPCs to defeat enemies and bosses. They also contain treasure chests storing Peli scattered around.

The player can defeat their foes by taking advantage of different combinations of skills, such as Devil Fruits, Fighting Styles, Weapons and Haki. Those can be upgraded via stat points and training[1].

Fighting Styles are a set of skills learned from teacher NPCs at certain islands. The skills are learned via mastery and PeliW.png (Peli), the game's currency.

Devil Fruits are exotic fruits occasionally found under trees and dropped by NPC ships, Sea Kings and Dungeons. These fruits give diverse, abnormal abilities like manipulating fire, controlling gravity or turning into a mythical phoenix.

They are separated in 3 distinct categories:

  • Paramecia Type - Being the most common of the three, allows the user to attain one of a large variety of superhuman abilities.
  • Zoan Type - Allows the user to transform into an animal species at will, or an inter-species hybrid.
  • Logia Type - Is the rarest of them, granting its user the power to transform their body into an natural element at will, as well as create and control it.

Currently, there 16 implemented fruits in-game.


In the "Universe Hub" the player can choose a variety of game modes. Those are:


In this game mode, players have to survive continuous waves of enemy NPCs, having to defeat a fruit-user boss every 5 waves and two fruit-users by wave 20+.

After wave 25, if the player dies, they are guaranteed to win a Devil Fruit. Additionally, after wave 50, they skip the entire Common rarity. If in a party, the player with the most damage, named as the MVP, wins the fruit.


The PvP aspect of the game. The player can choose to fight a 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5 (also known as crew battle).

In this game mode the player earns "wins" every time they defeat their opponents. There is also a "win streak" system, where several wins in a row without losing a match are counted and encouraged. Those can be used to enter the Leaderboards, which show up on both Arena and Dungeon mode lobbys, thus giving skilled players game-wide recognition.

Trading Hub[]

The Trading Hub is a external lobby which allows players to trade Devil Fruits, weapons and accessories. Each item has a level requirement for it to be traded, however some items are unable to be exchanged, no matter which level.

Players can receive ratings and comments on their profile, which also contains the amount of trades they've completed. Those features are used to track a player's reputation.