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Gravito, or Admiral Fujitora in the One Piece franchise, is a rather difficult first sea boss which is a user of the Zushi Zushi no Mi fruit. He is located in Gravito's Fort outside of the actual fort and the opposite side where Bomi and Robo are.

Gravito has 20,000 Hp and deals 30 M1 damage. His spawn time is 10 min.

His quest's level requirement is 190+.

Upon defeating him, he has a chance of drop one of the following: Gravito's Cape, Gravity Blade & Hoverboard.


Further information :Zushi Zushi no Mi

Name Description Damage
Gravity Push Gravito pushes everyone in his path (Blockable) 54
Gravity Pull Gravito pulls a player towards him so that he can do an M1 Combo (Rumored to be glitched...) none
Gravity Field Gravito closes his Gravity Blade creating a small gravity field (Blockable) 34 damage per tick, last tick does 31
Meteor Strike Gravito summons a meteor from the sky to crash down on those below (Block-break) 105
Meteor Fury Gravito holds his hands up as he summons around 12 Meteors (Block-break) 105 per Meteor


- When Gravito does Meteor fury, geppoing in the air lets you easily dodge the meteors. Otherwise, you can use pika or goro to quickly dash away.

- Before taking on Gravito it is recommended to the lure the Guards to the edge of the cliff and get them stuck there so they don't get in the way.

- Try to hit Gravito into a corner and with help you can constantly cancel his attack and kill him very quickly.

- Make sure you do at least 5% of the boss' damage to get the kill. (You need to deal at least 1,000 damage to get Kill Credits)

Visual Showcase Name Description Stats


A Legendary ship that can also be driven on land. 700 HP and the boat goes to a max 75 speed.

With the Zushi Zushi no Mi, the speed increases to 95.

Gravito's Cape


A Uncommon cape worn by Gravito. +60 HP added to your health.
Gravity Blade


A Rare sword used by Gravito. 8 base M1 damage. For further informations, check Gravity Blade.


  • -You used to be able to trap Gravito by placing barrels around him. This has been patched by Phoeyu by making the barrels destructible.
  • There is a strategy in which you can trap Gravito inside his fort allowing you to easily solo Gravito but it's insanely difficult to pull off.
  • His quest is currently glitched as it does not appear when you take it from Zanny.
  • It is recommended to do the boss with a team, along with being max level and having a strong Fighting Style or Devil Fruit as soloing this boss is very hard.