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Gravito's Fort, or more commonly referred to as Gravito, is a first sea island.

Upon visiting the island, the player will be greeted by a colossal marine fort, controlled by Gravito.

Located behind the fort, the boss Gravito can be found. He is equipped with the Gravity Blade and the Zushi-Zushi no Mi. Defeating him is not an easy task; Gravito has guards equipped with the 1 Sword Style fighting style, along with their swords being coated with Busoshoku Haki.

Most players have trouble finding this island, as it's placed in a weird spot on the map. The easiest way to get to it is to go NE from Shark Park, or NW from Land of the Sky (specifically Golden City.)


Kill 4 of Gravito's Undermen

  • Level: 160+
  • Total XP: 1300 XP
  • Total PeliW.png: 540
  • Each NPC gives 25 XP and PeliW.png 85.
  • In total, the quest gives 1500 XP and PeliW.png 1050.

Kill 3 of Gravito's Guards

  • Level: 180+
  • Total XP: Unknown. Please fill this in if you know :)
  • Total PeliW.png: Unknown. Please fill this in if you know :)
  • Each NPC gives 300 XP and PeliW.png 135.
  • In total, the quest gives 3000 XP and PeliW.png 1710.

Kill Gravito

  • Level: 190+
  • Total XP: Unknown. Please fill this in if you know :)
  • Total PeliW.png: Unknown. Please fill this in if you know :)


Gravito is a rather hard boss. He is surrounded by 3 of his guards, which are equipped with busoshoku-coated swords, along with 1-Sword Style. Once all guards are defeated, they will respawn as usual like normal enemies. To make the boss fight easier, make sure to take care of the guards first, then go on with killing Gravito. It's much easier once the only target is Gravito.

Gravito's Moveset
Name Description Damage
Gravity Push Gravito pushes everyone in his path. 54 (blockable)
Gravity Pull Gravito pulls a player towards him. 0 (apparently broken)
Gravity Field Gravito closes his Gravity Blade, creating a small gravity field. 34 damage per tick, last tick does 31 (blockable)
Meteor Strike Gravito summons a meteor from the sky. 105 (block-break)
Meteor Fury Gravito holds his hands up as he summons around 12 meteors. 105 per meteor (block-break)

For more tips on Gravito, go to this page.


  • The boss Gravito is a reference to the marine admiral Issho, more commonly known as Fujitora.
  • Gravito is the only boss that has a drop that can be bought with robux, but can also be obtained as a boss drop. (this item being the Hoverboard)
  • To grind easily at Gravito's Fort, go on one of the chandeliers and spam any ranged move. Do not do the Gravito's Guards quest, and instead do Gravito's Undermen.


NE from Shark Park

NW from Land of the Sky (specifically Golden City)