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In GPO, beginners can have a lot of problems while trying to level up, such as finding the best ways to level up, and using their time as efficiently as possible. In this article, I will discuss every scenario for a player and how they can use it to level up as efficiently as possible with minimal effort needed.

Grand Piece Online Map

List of Island's to follow:

Name Req. Level Purchaseables Drops
Town of Beginnings 1-10 Rowboat, Caravel, Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Planks, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Shovel, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Pistol, Rifle Bandit Boss

Eye Patch (50%)

Marine Fort F-1 1-10
Sandora 10-20 Lucid

Bazooka (25%)

Shell's Town 20-30 Galleon, Hammer, Potions, Barrels Morgan

Metal Jaw (25%)

Zou 30-40 Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style) Carrot (50% per Zou Inhabitant)
Baratie 40-50 Black Leg
Orange Town 50-55 Buggy

Buggy Cape (10%)

Mysterious Cliff Any Rokushiki
Roca Island Any One-Sword-Style, Katana
Colosseum Any
Sphinx Island 55-80 Gorilla King

Crown (5%)

Kori Island 80+ Busoshoku Haki
Arlong Park 80-105 Arlong

Kiribachi (5%)

Heaven's Gate Any
Sky Town District 1 Any Potions
Sky Town District 2 105-110
Sky Castle (best place to grind in sky island) 110-125 Head Guardian

Guardian's Helmet (5%), Skyblue Katana (5%)

Sky Colosseum Any
The Tree 125-135 Skypiean Glide Ability Bruno

Burn Bazooka (5%)

Sky Town District 3 135-145
Malcom's Lair 145-160 Malcolm

Shotgun (5%)

Golden City 155+ Kenbunshoku Haki Enel

Golden Staff (5%),

Tomoe Drums (1%)

Gravito's Fort 160-190 Gravito

Hoverboard (1%)

Gravito's Cape (5%)

Gravity Blade (5%)

Fishman Cave Any Bubble
Fishman Island 190-250 Fishman Karate
Fishman Colosseum Any
Ryu's Palace 210+ Ryu

Ryu's Blade (5%)

Shark Tooth Necklace (25%)

Neptune's Throne 230+ Neptune

Neptune's Crown (5%)

Neptune's Trident (1%)

The Guide:[]


The map on the right can be used as a reference in order to go around the islands. I would recommend using the compass rose from both ingame and on the map so that you can find your location and islands. On the top right is a compass pointing in each direction.

The table above shows all of the islands/areas with their quest levels to the right. To follow the table, you need to look at your current level ingame and go to the island with the same level that you have.

The Basics:[]

To start off, in order to run, double tap W (w+w).

In order to take quests or talk to NPC's, get close and press T.

To open your menu, press M and use whichever icon you need

If you want to access character customization, press play and go to character customization.

If you want to join a friend, join GPO and go to the bottom right and punch in your friends name.

If you are going to join a private server, join GPO and go to the bottom right. Press the button above the friend teleport and place in your private server code in the bottom left. If you need to generate a code then press the button on the top left.

Try to join a private server, as it will help you level up when there are not other people trying to kill you or RK(random kill).


  • Starting GPO with friends (2 or more)
  • Getting boosted by a friend or friends
  • Solo playing GPO

Checking yourself:[]

To start off, check which race your are. You can do this by going into the start menu and pressing play, then pressing the customize button. At the bottom right, it will display your race. These are the 4 races:

Race Name Chance Unique Character Traits Abilities/Skills
Human 75% Nothing Nothing
Skypian 15% Wings on the back 50% less fall damage, Gliding(learned from npc atop Giant Jack in skypiea; speed based on how long you've fallen beforehand)
Fishman 5% Unique skin colors such as white, red, green, blue and multiple body types Faster swim, longer breath, The ability to 'swim' with a devil fruit, Which is more of just jumping out of water over and over, Fishman Karate, Also sharks attack the shark fishman less (or possibly all fishman)
Mink 5% Multiple body types 5% More Stamina, Bonus stun passive, Electro fighting style, Also electrifies the Golden Staff as if you have goro (Cannot Activate X though)

After you have checked which race you are, follow the steps from island to island. (Example: To start off, you would grind at the beginning island you spawn at until your are level 10. After you are level 10, you would go to Sandora. Once you gain another 10 levels (You should be level 20), you would go to Shell's Town and so forth)

To grind the enemies at the beginning, I would recommend fighting them one at a time. This is due to the games mechanic of stopping people from mass attacking enemies in one go, creating a harder way of farming faster. For example, if you fight two NPC's at the same time, you will be met with one NPC blocking meanwhile the other NPC is being hit. After you full M1 combo the one NPC, you will be met with an unescapable combo by the other NPC. This mechanic is concurrent with the entirety of the game with few exceptions. There is nothing to worry about though, the grinding at the beginning is fairly easy and fighting NPC's one at a time is still relatively efficient (at the beginning). The problem later is bosses, bosses can be very difficult to fight, having much more health than the normal NPC and can prove to be very hard to defeat. In return for the difficultness though, you gain many levels from the bosses, so it is up to you if you would like to fight the bosses. My recommended plan of action is:

  • If you are with a party or team, fight the bosses (with the exception of bosses that are overpowered EX: Enel, Gravito, etc.)
  • If you are by yourself, then you should not fight the boss unless you have a move that allows you to defeat the bosses with ease (Logia DF Powers are an example, or Bari Bari barrier push moves can also be used.)
  • If you are being boosted, make sure you deal at least 5% of the bosses health so that you can be registered for kill credit, and milk off all of that hard work by your friend.

You will realize that later in the game however, grinding can become very tedious and hard to do. Once this is starting to happen, I would recommend getting a Demon Fruit, Fighting Style, Team (If you don't have on already), or Special Weapon.

  • For a fighting style, the most common would be Black Leg, Rokushiki, or 1 Sword Style
    • Black Leg is a very useful and handy fighting style having both great combo potential, low stamina usage, and great mobility.
    • Rokushiki is a also very great choice, having the same amount of mobility as Black Leg does, and having very useful moves. Examples include Finger Pistol, Rokugan, and more.
    • 1 Sword Style is an also very useful choice, giving up on the same mobility as the other two styles have, but dealing far more damage and having far more range then the rest. 1 Sword Style is very useful if you want to attack a multitude of enemies at once.

Now there are more fighting styles, which include Electro Style and Fishman Karate, but these two give up on mobility and should usually be used at late game for more intense and longer combos. These are also race locked meaning you have to be a certain race in order to use these styles, unlike the other styles being able to use it with any race.

Demon Fruits are also very useful at this stage of the game, such as the Bari Bari fruit. The Bari Bari fruit can go up to 250k, but is usually at the cost of 150k-200k. This is one of the most common devil fruits that can be found, but is still very versatile and useful when it comes to combat. Bari Bari fruit just gained a buff where it can now block break with a mass AOE move, not to mention that you can give yourself extreme protection (under certain circumstances) and relatively fine mobility. This fruit, however, is not a good end game fruit, but is highly recommend among beginners at the game., (unless you find literally any other fruit). Now that is not to mention, NEVER EAT THE SUKE SUKE NO MI, the suke suke, or invisible invisible fruit is the most useless fruit in the game, with trash tier fighting moves and powers. NO MATTER WHAT, do not eat this fruit. For more info on demon fruits, click this link to go to the Devil Fruits page.

Special weapons are also very useful when fighting specific bosses/enemies. Examples are the Bazooka dropped by Lucid, or the Helmet dropped by Head Guardian.

There are ways that you can farm different NPC's on different islands, for example using a wall such as in the Baratie can make grinding much easier, lowering the risk of you dying and increasing the ease of farming NPC's. You can also use a Demon Fruit, such as the Pika Pika no Mi power: Light Ray, to farm a multitude of enemies while staying on an elevated surface. When farming, be as creative as possible and try to find new ways to farm. You should also look up on Youtube or the internet ways to solo farm bosses, such as Gravito, you glitch Gravito out on the side of the map and combo him using your melee attack or sword attacks. There are other bosses that you can glitch out and do the same thing as well.

There also side quests that you can do, the biggest one being Haki. There are two types of haki's in the game so far, Busoshuko Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki. These are optional and can make grinding easier, but also require specific training to use and difficult tasks. Busoshoku, also known as Armament haki is a haki that increases the damage output of your attacks by a small percent, and allow you to be able to attack Logia users. Kenbunshoku Haki, also known as Observation haki is a haki that gives you short range ESP, as well as allowing you to a certain amount of attacks to a limit of 10 dodges (not counting AOE or other specific attacks). Both of these hakis take their own individual training and time in order for them to actually be useful, but are rewarding if you are in PVP or against certain bosses.

In GPO, it is very important to have a knowledge of all of the items, such as the boss drops, which include Ryu's sword, Neptunes Trident, Gravito's Blade, and more. Demon fruits are also very important to know and I would recommend viewing this video about the tier list of demon fruits ingame to get an idea of what you should use in your build. When you get around lvl 200, I would recommend figuring out what kind of build you want, for example if your build relies on a fruit such as the Gravity Fruit, you should focus a lot in sword and Demon Fruit.

In a certain stage of the game, buying certain gamepasses such as the Devil Fruit Notifier and Private Servers become more and more worth it, and you should consider creating or choosing a crew/group of players to work with. You should also join the GPO discord server ( so that you can find players to play with for boss raids, such as Enel boss raid or Gravito boss raids. It is important that you gain certain items from these boss drops since they can give you very powerful and great boosts for your stats and weapons, granting the user to being able to increase their power over their level caps. That is about it for this article, if I am forgetting anything, please do not be afraid to add anything to the article. I hope that you can learn something from this article!

Special Thanks:[]

  • The GPO map was not made by me, but was made by the GPO Trello page,
  • The table with the levels was not made entirely by me, but the people who created the GPO Map page, so please go check it out for more information
  • there are a multitude of links used her, which recommend checking all out.