Grand Piece Online Wiki

This is a beginner's guide to Grand Piece Online.

  • Note: The game is boring at the start but fun when you're max level.

Many of the areas in this list have the word optional beside them. Optional areas aren't recommended for players who are solo progressing, as they usually contain bosses or other things that are difficult to deal with by oneself.

As of Update 4, the max level is 425.

The maximum amount of Peli is PeliW.png 350,000.


To have an easier time navigating to new areas, go here for the map.

Name Level Items for sale Drops
Town of Beginnings 1-10 Rowboat, Caravel, Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Planks, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Shovel, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Pistol, Rifle Bandit Boss

Eye Patch (50%)

Marine Fort F-1 1-10
Sandora 10-20 Lucid

Bazooka (25%)

Shell's Town 20-30 Galleon, Hammer, Potions, Barrels Morgan (Axe Hand Logan)

Metal Jaw (25%)

Zou 30-40 Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style) Carrot (50%)
Baratie 40-55 Black Leg
Orange Town (optional) 50-55 Buggy (Star Clown)

Buggy Cape (10%)

Mysterious Cliff Any Rokushiki
Roca Island Any One-Sword-Style, Katana
Colosseum Any
Sphinx Island 55-80 Gorilla King

Gorilla King Crown (5%)

Kori Island 80+ Busoshoku Haki
Arlong Park 80-105 Arlong (Saw Shark)

Kiribachi (5%)

Heaven's Gate Any
Sky Town District 1 Any Potions
Sky Town District 2 105-110
Sky Castle 110-125 Head Guardian

Guardian's Helmet (5%) Skyblue Katana (5%)

Sky Colosseum Any
The Tree (optional) 125-135 Skypiean Glide Ability Bruno

Burn Bazooka (5%)

Sky Town District 3 (optional) 135-145
Malcom's Lair (optional) 145-160 Malcolm

Shotgun (5%)

Golden City (optional) 155+ Kenbunshoku Haki Enel (Thunder God)

Golden Staff (5%) Tomoe Drums (1%)

Gravito's Fort 160-190 Fujitora (Gravito)

Hoverboard (1%) Gravito's Cape (5%) Gravity Blade (5%)

Fishman Cave Any Bubble
Fishman Island 190-325/425 Fishman Karate
Fishman Colosseum Any
Ryu's Palace (optional) 210+ Ryu

Ryu's Blade (5%) Shark Tooth Necklace (5%)

Neptune's Throne (optional) 230+ Neptune

Neptune's Crown (5%) Neptune's Trident (1%)

Marine Base G-1 215-325 Captain Zhen, Kiribachi User, Flame Admiral Zeke.

Bisento (1%) Captain Zhen's Cape (5%). Fire Essence (25%) Marine Captain's Cape (5%).

City of Sol 325-335 Karoo Mount, Karoo Food Kingdom Guards

Kingdom Guards Outfit (?)

Crab Cave 335-425 Crab King Cho

Transylvania (Mass Graveyard)

325-425 Zombie outfit, Witches outfit

Winter Wonderland (Gift Factory Basement)


Basic Mechanics[]


  • To run, double tap W.
  • To dash, press Q while holding any direction.
  • To open the menu, press M.
  • To climb on walls, press CTRL while touching the wall.
  • To sit-on ships, press P
  • When a player is knocked on the ground, you can press V to pick them up
  • When a player is knocked on the ground, you can press B to execute them granting you a portion of their Bounty and Peli.


  • Joining a friend or a private server can be done at the title screen.
  • The trading hubs are also accessible at the title screen, although you cannot trade certain items unless you are high-leveled.


When creating your character, you can have 4 possible races.

Race Name Chance Unique Character Traits Abilities/Skills
Human 75% Nothing None
Skypian 15% Wings 50% less fall damage, Gliding (Learned from NPC on top of The Tree in Skypiea)
Fishman 5% Unique skin colors such as white, red, green, blue and multiple body types Faster swim, longer breath, being able to 'swim' with a devil fruit (which is just jumping out of the water), the ability to learn Fishman Karate, and a passive that makes Sharks less attracted to you.
Mink 5% Multiple body types 10% more stamina, stun passive, and the ability to learn Electro Combat. Minks will electrify Golden Staff.



With a friend to help you gain experience quickly, but not in full. The full amount of experience is only gained when all the damage is done by you.

Example : Crap minion gives 200 EXP, if you kill them alone you will get 200. If you have a friend that does half of the damage you will get EXP less than the regular 200.

If you want to help a friend, just lure enemies in and do one or more AoE moves with small damage. After you do your move(s), let your friend deal as much damage as possible. If your friend starts to become overwhelmed by the weakened enemies, aggro the enemies to yourself so that you take the damage and not them.


Fighting bosses can prove to be difficult, especially if you die fighting 2 or more enemies. It is highly recommended to attempt bosses if you are a high level, have a way to cheese it, or if you have friends.

If you are being boosted by a friend, make sure you deal at least 5% of the boss's health so that you can be registered for kill credit.

Fighting Styles Devil Fruits, and Guns[]

Later on, grinding can become very tedious. Once this is starting to happen, It is recommended to get a Devil Fruit, Fighting Style or a Gun.

Fighting Style[]

There are only 2 Fighting Styles with the ability to use Geppo, a skill that can let you jump off the air infinite times (Unless you are in PvP or a Dungeon).

  • Black Leg
  • Rokushiki
    • Rokushiki is a Fighting Style with a lot of utility moves.
      • Geppo, which allows you to jump off the air...
      • Soru, which replaces your dash with a fast, controllable teleport...
      • And Tekkai, which nullifies all damage until you get hit enough times.
    • Rokushiki is not well-suited for farming unless it's a very specific circumstance, so most people would recommend Black Leg if you do not have a Devil Fruit yet.

There are race-locked fighting styles, which are Electro and Fishman Karate.

There's also 1 Sword Style, which can be later evolved into 2 Sword Style.

Devil Fruits[]

Devil Fruits such as the Bari Bari no Mi or Mero Mero no Mi are useful for early grinding as they are both fairly common fruits. Although getting a fruit early game is extremely hard, if you get handed one by a friend, or find one on the map it can help you tremendously.

It is advised to read the Devil Fruit page as it has a list of all the currently implemented fruits in the game and their passives. This may be helpful in deciding which one to eat.


Guns are used as ranged attacks, having their damage increased by Gun Mastery. Most players do not use them aside from cheesing enemies by sitting on top of a cliff and aggravating the enemies below them while shooting from a safe place. Some Guns are much different from the normal ones being boss drops. One is the Bazooka, which fires a rocket that does area damage and ragdolls all enemies hit by it. These unique weapons are not very useful for farming but may see some use in actual fights.


There are ways that you can farm different NPCs on different islands without any risk at all. An example is hiding behind a wall on the Baratie can make grinding much easier, lowering the risk of you dying and increasing the ease of farming NPC's. You can also use a Devil Fruit, such as the Pika Pika no Mi's Light Ray, to farm a multitude of enemies while staying on an elevated surface. When farming, be as creative as possible and try to find new ways to farm.


There are multiple side quests, the major ones being related to Haki. There's Busoshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki V2 and Kenbunshoku Haki.

Trading can also net you multiple items for things you don't need. It is recommended to be max level before trying to trade, as some items have a high level requirement to be given away.


If you're playing this game with friends, you can progress through the quests fast with teamwork. It is highly recommended to form a crew and make a party with your friends, as it will be rewarding and also fun.

Basic Level Farming Guide & Most Obtainment methods for Devil Fruits

How do I level up quickly?

As a completely new player that just bought the game it'd be a smart idea to level up to max level before fighting any of the in-game Bosses.

0-15 - Town of Beginnings

You want to level up at the Town of Beginnings until you are level 15, You do that by farming the Daph quest and killing Bandits.

15-20 - Sandora

Complete Noah's quest until level 20, If you are in a group, it is recommended to bring Bazooka with you It will definitely be useful in the future.

20-40 - Shells's Town

At Shell's Town, follow the path where the npcs are, and grind then until about level 30. Here you can purchase a boat named the "Galleon" in one of the houses, which is the fastest non-gamepass boat and is a good way to get around, especially if you're a noob.

40 - (75 / 110) Baratie ( Solo go 110 )

Lure Krieg Pirate and wait beside a wall for an Krieg Pirate to come towards you, then just attack from there with your fighting style.

75 – 110 Arlong park ( Recommended for playing in groups )

Lure all Saw Shark Pirate go to the purple and then brown house, jump over the fence ( white high wall), and wait for the NPCs to accumulate there then just attack from there with your fighting style.

110 – 160 Sky Castle

Go attack Head Guardian and go down ( it will make monsters Come to you yourself without Lure ) Leaving the castle and hit behind the wall.

Lure all Castle Guards at First floor then Leaving the castle and hit behind the wall.

160 – 190 Gravito’s Fort

Lure Gravito's Undermen in the Fort Go back to the quest and hit it from behind a wall.

190 – (250/325) Fishman island

Lure all Fishman Karate Users and go up to a high place ( cliff ) and use a skill to deal with it (use the Party table and come down).

250 – 325 Sea beast ( Recommended for playing in groups )

Go to Marine Base G-1, then go Shrine, and lure Sea Serpent around the edge of Marine Base G-1, then attack. The more damage you do, the more EXP you get.

325 – 425 ( Kraken / Crab minion / Event : Cupid Dungeon )

Kraken – Go Sea 2 , go Desert kingdom , stand at Robo, turn right until you see a tall building. Then go straight to the big rock and then go south until you find Rough waters and wait for the Sea Serpent / Kraken spawn when spawn return to the North trying to lure it to the edge so that you can hit it.(Kraken spawns try to jump high, it can't be caught)

Crab minion - Go to the cave. After entering the Crab cave, stand at the boss quest point and shoot every small crab with a gun. Wait for it to accumulate and kill it! Be careful with Cho, it's scary.


[ OUTDATE ] Zombie – Just go Mass graveyard Lure and hit be hide the wall

Gingerbread man - Just hit Kelvin, The Nutcracker and hit be hide the wall !!!! (I recommend this method because it just lures the boss to the upper floor and we are below. Ginger bread will spawn and come to the wall and we can keep hitting it even with less EXP gain than crab minions.

Cupid Dungeon (325-425) This gives fruits, drops, and exp, so if you have a team, you can do the dungeon. It is recommended to do this with a fruit, but if you don’t have one, just get 2ss. Both bosses (Leo and Cupid Queen) give a grand total of 8k exp, so around 2 or 3 levels each dungeon. This is in my opinion the best way of getting levels, as you can get fruits, drops for trading, levels, and even friends (I didn’t have any before).