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Basic Level Farming Guide & Most Obtainment methods for Devil Fruits

How do I level up quickly?

As a completely new player that just bought the game it'd be a smart idea to level up to max level before fighting any of the in-game Bosses.

0-15 - Town of Beginnings

You want to level up at the Town of Beginnings until you are level 15, You do that by farming the Daph quest and killing Bandits.

15-20 - Sandora

Complete Noah's quest until level 20, If you are in a group, it is recommended to bring Bazooka with you It will definitely be useful in the future.

20-40 - Shells's Town

At Shell's Town, follow the path where the npcs are, and grind then until about level 30. Here you can purchase a boat named the "Galleon" in one of the houses, which is the fastest non-gamepass boat and is a good way to get around, especially if you're a noob.

40 - (75 / 110) Baratie ( Solo go 110 )

Lure Krieg Pirate and wait beside a wall for an Krieg Pirate to come towards you, then just attack from there with your fighting style.

75 – 110 Arlong park ( Recommended for playing in groups )

Lure all Saw Shark Pirate go to the purple and then brown house, jump over the fence ( white high wall), and wait for the NPCs to accumulate there then just attack from there with your fighting style.

110 – 160 Sky Castle

Go attack Head Guardian and go down ( it will make monsters Come to you yourself without Lure ) Leaving the castle and hit behind the wall.

Lure all Castle Guards at First floor then Leaving the castle and hit behind the wall.

160 – 190 Gravito’s Fort

Lure 4 Gravito's Undermen in the Fort (recommended 4, don't take them all, it's not worth the quest to kill 4, but monsters have 8 ) Go back to the quest and hit it from behind a wall.

190 – (250/325) Fishman island

Lure all Fishman Karate Users and go up to a high place ( cliff ) and use a skill to deal with it (use the Party table and come down).

250 – 325 Sea beast ( Recommended for playing in groups )

Go to Marine Base G-1, then go Shrine, and lure Sea Serpent around the edge of Marine Base G-1, then attack. The more damage you do, the more EXP you get.

325 – 425 ( Kraken / Crap minion / Event : Zombie )

Kraken – Go Sea 2 , go Desert kingdom , stand at Robo, turn right until you see a tall building. Then go straight to the big rock and then go south until you find Rough waters and wait for the Sea Serpent / Kraken spawn when spawn return to the North trying to lure it to the edge so that you can hit it.(Kraken spawns try to jump high, it can't be caught)

Crab minion - Go to the cave. After entering the Crab cave, stand at the boss quest point and shoot every small crab with a gun. Wait for it to accumulate and kill it! Be careful with Cho, it's scary.

Zombie – Just go Mass graveyard Lure and hit be hide the wall