Grand Piece Online Wiki

Note: To reload guns, press R. Guns don't require ammo.

Pistol and rifle reload and fire at same speed just does more/less damage, just save up for the Rifle if you get one but not the other.

When using the Pistol or Rifle, you can shoot at NPC's heads to do double damage (does not apply to bazookas).

Guns can be used to lure enemies, such as hitting all 4 yetis on Kori Island or attracting most Krieg Pirates on Baratie.

Guns that can be bought
Gun name Price Base Damage
Pistol 175 Peli 5/10
Rifle 300 Peli 9/18

Can be found at Town of beginnings inside of the building with a red flag. You find them in the building with the steps behind Sarah.

Rifle does 75 damage at most stats which is at 651 in gun stats

Snipers can shoot from ranges of 75 meters and do 30 body 45 head and can no longer be changed to fully automatic if max level Haki is used.

Guns that are dropped from bosses
Gun name Drop chance Boss Base Damage
Bazooka 25% Lucid 15
Burn Bazooka 5% Bruno 30 / 50 (FullCharge)
Shotgun 5% Malcolm 3 (per bullet)