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The Gura Gura no Mi (Tremor-Tremor Fruit) is a Legendary Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows the user to create powerful shockwaves.

The fruit looks like a shattered transparent blue-ish pineapple, with shard-like tips and a shatter effect inside. The stem looks like it's made out of glass.

Gura-Gura is great for PvP, as all moves block-break. However, it falls short in PvE due to the long cooldowns and lack of devastating damage outputs.


Gura-Gura Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
E Shock Punch 20 Devil Fruit Mastery 30 Stamina The user punches the air, sending an extremely powerful and fast shockwave ball, devastating the opponents. This move block-breaks, however it does knockback.
R Come AT me! 65 Devil Fruit Mastery 45 Stamina The player postures for a counter, and if hit during this posture the user will blink behind the opponent and deal a devastating block-breaking slam.
Z Head Crusher 45 Devil Fruit Mastery 35 Stamina The user grabs their opponent and slams them towards the ground. Afterward, the user performs a punch and then two kicks on the head. block-breaker
X Blast Clutcher 80 Devil Fruit Mastery 78 initial stamina, 249 fully charged The player imbues their hands with shockwave energy and slams the ground, dealing a massive block-breaker AoE damage. The longer you charge the bigger the range and damage.
C Sea Quake 115 Devil Fruit Mastery 125 Stamina The user powerfully cracks the air, sending tremors towards the sea which causes two massive tidal waves to form from each sides. When used, it does a short block-able stun. Both of the waves block-break.



  • Good for PvP due to the fact that all moves have high damage, and because it has a counter.
  • Every single move is a block-breaker, except the first part of Sea Quake.
  • Blast Clutcher can one-shot or do insane damage if charged up for a while.
  • Head Crusher can be extremely useful for boss raids as the grabbed enemy is still vulnerable to damage while the animation plays (very useful with moves like Pika's Light Ray).
  • Sea Quake has the highest AoE in the game.
  • Most of the moves cannot be cancelled during their casts.
  • Changes Bisento's Shockwave Slash to 3 slashes instead of 1, and also increases the range of Heavy Sweep. (Could also be a con due to splitting it's damage in 3, and if you don't land all 3, you don't get the full damage from what 1 would give without Gura.)
  • Great Combo potential.
  • Good for dungeons (When with a partner)
  • Decent cooldowns


  • Not the best fruit for farming.
  • Sea Quakes waves will not affect some places too high, or some place too low. Like the Land of the Sky or Fishman Island, for example.
  • No mobility moves at all.
  • Short ranged.
  • Small amount of moves.
  • Not the best for ship farming.
  • Below average at kraken/ sea beast farming.
  • Slow moves, and easy to dodge

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Due to the fact that Gura has a relatively high stamina cost for all moves, putting most of your stat points into Devil Fruit Mastery and a decent amount in Stamina is a great choice for a Gura-based stat build.
  • The player's main source of damage in PvP should be Shock Punch and Head Crusher.
  • When hitting Sea Quake and stunning the opponent, an easy combo is Head Crusher, then Blast Clutcher, which added up with the waves deals around 600-700 damage in Arena mode.
  • 4 M1's (holding space) + Head Crusher + Blast Clutcher is a widely popular combo with Gura as it is a true combo.
  • Sea Quake has a stun when it is casted which true combos into Head Crusher. This is an easy way to ensure that your waves will hit your opponent.
  • Every ability has a form of knockback in it; use accordingly.
  • You can use this to cheese Crab King Cho very easily (and it's a pretty good exp farm). You can do this by standing on the second level of the rocks near the entrance and spamming your Shock Punch and Sea Quake