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This page contains content about features that are not yet released.
These features are not currently in Grand Piece Online, but may have been sneak peeked or said to come in a future update.

Conqueror's Haki (or Haoshoku) is a scrapped ability that grants the player the skill to overpower the will of others, particularly weak-willed foes, knocking them on the ground.

It is a rare form of Haki, being not obtainable through training and only one in several million are born with it (One Piece concept).

The ability has about 5 seconds of startup, and lasts for about 12 seconds. After the startup, the player is capable of using any move on the stunned players. Its range seems fairly big, but it is currently unknown.

The few pieces of official footage appear to be very polished, such as on the right where Phoeyu uses his Conqueror's Haki to knock out the surrounding people

It's most likely going to be an Admin Spec.

Something that looks like this was recently sneaked, it might be coming in another form.

Community Reception[]

There is a very strong backlash from the community towards this ability, as it deals an inevitable stun, being extremely overpowered in PvP. The way of acquiring it is also heavily overlooked.

Due to that, the developer Benere said that it will probably not be implemented, due to being too overpowered.[1]