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The Horo Horo no Mi (Hollow-Hollow Fruit) is a Rare Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives its user the ability to produce and control ghosts at will, they can also use these hollows to manipulate the emotions of people.

The fruit's model looks like a little ghost with beady black eyes, a pink bat crown, and a cross with a heart on top of it. Also, just like a ghost the fruit is somewhat transparent and can be seen through it.

The fruit is unique in which abilities can be pre-cast, only to be released by recasting it with the mouse pointer on the target.


Horo-Horo Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
E Negative Hollow 25 Devil Fruit Mastery 25 Stamina The user conjures an inevitable tricky ghost that chases their opponent and drain their will, stunning them and forcing a self-depreciative chat message.
R Explosive Snap 35 Devil Fruit Mastery 15 Stamina The user snaps their fingers only to detonate their Mini/Kamikaze Hollows.
T Soul Unbound 55 Devil Fruit Mastery 0.5% Stamina every 1/4 seconds The user's spirit leaves their body, being intangible, thus able to trespass walls and be immune to any kind of attack. They're also still able to conjure ghosts.

While in this form, the user's original body is kept unconscious and vulnerable to attacks. Any damage taken by the soul will be taken to the user once it is pulled back. Bosses and NPCs prioritize the original body. The screen also gets a grey filter.

(Note: While bosses and NPCs do prioritize the original body on spawn, attacking enemies in this form will still make them change targets to your spirit form, leaving your original body alone.)

Z Mini Hollow Barrage 75 Devil Fruit Mastery 70 Stamina The user creates a barrage of blockable miniature explosive ghosts and attaches them to the clicked opponent, dealing reasonable collateral damage once detonated by Explosive Snap.

If not detonated, the hollows will start glowing blue and will eventually explode on their own.

The amount of Hollows scales with Devil Fruit Mastery, you gain an extra Hollow every 200 Skill Points in Devil Fruit, current max Mini Hollow amount possible is 9 due to the max level being 425, the max will increase as the level cap is increased.
X Explosive Snap: Twirl 80 Devil Fruit Mastery 50 Stamina The user snaps their fingers and creates an AoE that conjures a Negative Hollow behind any affect opponent, only levitate them up and have it explode point-blank on their back. (These can also be use to detonate mini and kamikaze hollow)
C Kamikaze Hollow 100 Devil Fruit Mastery 100 Stamina Creates a bigger version of a Mini Hollow and attaches it to the opponent by having it bite them. Then, the user has to detonate it using Explosive Snap, creating a massive explosion.

If not detonated, the hollow will start glowing blue and will eventually explode on its own.



  • Has many good stun moves.
  • The Negative Hollow's stun is unblockable.
  • The user is intangible and still able to use other abilities while in ghost form.
  • Mini Hollow Barrage has homing capabilities if aimed onto a person.
  • The Kamikaze hollow bites before exploding, meaning you can hold the person there, move towards them, and combo off the explosion.
  • The X move is a great combo starter / extender, and has great stun so that moves such as the Z and C can hit, and not be blocked.
  • When Hollows miss their target since they just dodged out of their way, they will circle the area for a moment, allowing for possible hits if the target returns to the place.
  • The ghosts also have slight tracking.


  • Most hollows are slow and can be easily dodged from a distance.
  • Even though Negative Hollow's stun is unblockable, the target can still hold their block during it (does not mean they can start blocking during the stun). That meaning the user has to block-break them if they weren't caught off-guard or in a combo.
  • Mini Hollow Barrage does not stun, making it easily perfect blockable and blockable overall.
    • Should be combined with the "Explosive Snap: Twirl" to prevent opponents from blocking and/or perfect blocking.
  • The "Kamikaze Hollow" is easily dodgeable, as it does not have a large hitbox, and is slow. It should be used in a combo for a guaranteed hit.
  • Low damage scaling and base damage.
  • Above average Stamina consumption.
  • Very high "Soul Unbound" Stamina drain, a max of only ~56 seconds can be achieved.

Tips & Tricks

  • Negative Hollow can be used in an uptilt (M1 combo + hold space) for a guaranteed stun where the target can't hold block.
  • Explosive Snap: Twirl automatically detonates Mini hollows If you land it on the opponent.
  • Soul unbound can be used to pick up players trough walls, Though you can not move after you have picked them up you can still return to your body with them even trough walls.