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Kenbunshoku Haki (or 'Observation Haki' in English) is decent for PVP and great for PvE when an NPC catches the player in an M1 combo.

Kenbunshoku Haki allows the user to do UP TO 10 dodges of attacks apart from AoE atacks. Basically, Ken Haki is a way to dodge attacks that would usually break your shield and inflict damage. 165+

Buying random Kenbunshoku Haki isn't the best, as it's very hard to tell what color you got, unlike Buso Haki.

Once you unlock Kenbunshoku Haki, it can be activated by pressing G.

Where to Find the Quest[]

It can be obtained as a reward for completing Rogson's level 165 quest in the Land of the Sky, to the right of the Golden City. It requires an up-front payment of PeliW.png 50000, and tasks players with perfect-blocking 200 times.

How to Grind the Quest Quickly[]

One way to easily complete the quest is to go in the water and perfect block sharks. Because of their fast attack speed, it is very likely they'll perfect block them and they do not deal very high damage. For players with a Devil Fruit, they can go to the The Fishman Cave entrance and purchase a bubble for PeliW.png 2000, which will protect them in the water until they lose 10% of their HP.

An extremely fast method is to go to sphinx island and agitate 3 monkeys and stand near the quest place and from there perfect block the bananas they throw.

Another way to complete the quest a little easier is to go to Arlong Park and repeatedly spam the block button on Arlong's "Shark Teeth Barrage Gun" (and then leave the room repeatedly if they don't want to deal with Arlong himself).

You can also go to Baratie and block the shotgunners as they have a simple rhythm and they dont do much damage (atleast by the time you'll be able to unlock ken haki)

You also can just go to the Town of Begginings and farm perfect blocks on Bandits. They don't deal too much damage in M1, and you can catch the rhythm easily.

You can also get a friend to help you perfect block by you just spam blocking and him timing the attack to get perfect blocked.

Facts and Important Information[]

1. The maximum possible dodge counter is 10, although the maximum player highlight range is currently unknown. To train Kenbunshoku Haki, they need to use it and dodge attacks (the dodges Kenbunshoku Haki provides, not Q dodge or perfect blocking).

2. Dodging attacks will stun the user in place, there is also a 25 second cooldown for activation after the Kenbunshoku is broken.

3. How far the player can see with the Kenbunshoku Haki is still something that the developers haven't said. The user's able to see NPCs/players further away if they get more dodges.

4. This ability comes in randomized colors that can be changed by purchasing “Random Observation Color” for 50 Robux through the in-game shop. So far confirmed colors include Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, Orange, Green, and White.

5. It takes about 20 seconds for a dodge to regen. Kenbunshoku doesn't regen unless all dodges are used.

6. AoE attacks will instantly break Ken unless the AoE is far from the user.

7. The following statements happened in Update 3, and probably will be fixed. Let's say the player has 4 dodges when they activate Kenbunshoku and they get more dodges then they deactivate it. When the player goes and activates Kenbunshoku again, it'll be back to 4. They don't need to worry, they just have to wait with Kenbunshoku off to get those extra dodges back. If they activated Kenkunshoku and then NPCs respawn, just deactivate it and activate it again, or go out of the area and come back.