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The Kraken is a Sea Beast that spawns in Rough Waters south of Desert Kingdom.

It is less likely to spawn than a normal Sea Serpent, although the difference between the spawn rates is currently unknown. There is no bounty requirement to spawn a Kraken, though it will spawn more often with a bounty of 4,000 or more. There is no way to gain a 100% chance of krakens spawning.

It is recommended to kill it in a small group of two to five people, although you can do it solo if you bring it to the Desert Kingdom, then stand on top of a tall building where it cannot hit you, and spam ranged moves. The beast's health can be rapidly drained by legendary fruits like Magu or Pika. You can also use the style Demon Step if you don't have a fruit. Even Fishman Karate can do a lot of damage, since the Sky walking trainer has been added.

The Kraken comes in 6 colors, which have different rarities each. From most common to rarest, those are:

  • Red (Most Common)
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Azure (Most Rare)

It holds the rarest obtainable boss drops as of Update 4.

Traders are advised to check the item's name when trading for an Azure Kraken drop (they can do so by hovering their cursor over it), as many try to fool new players by trading Blue Kraken drops, instead of Azure ones, them being almost identical.

To tell the difference between a Blue or an Azure Kraken (since they both look quite similar), you can take a look at their name tag. Blue Krakens will have a cyan colored name tag, while Azure Krakens will have an insanely light blue and dark blue mixture. You can also tell by the neon part at the top of it's head. Blue Krakens will have a solid neon blue color, while Azure Krakens will start out with dark blue at the bottom then fade into a complete light neon blue.


Krakens have three unique attacks that they will cycle through in a pattern.

  • Slam: The Kraken will pull back a tentacle before slamming it down in a large AOE. Does near 60-80 damage. After losing 1000 hp, it can do a double slam.
  • Whirlpool: The Kraken spins its body around, creating a giant whirlpool that damages overtime (8-16 DPS)
  • Tentacle Grab: The Kraken grabs a nearby player with its tentacle, playing with them before throwing them away
Kraken's Drops
Visual Showcase Name Description Stats
BookofSpirits.png Book of Spirits (50%) A Rare item used to resonate a Spirit Essence, via the altar inside the Sharima, on the Desert Kingdom.
Krakenarmorlol2.gif Kraken Armor Set (1%) A Legendary Chroma armor accessory dropped by the Kraken. +100 HP

+2 Stamina Regen

1% base reduced damage + 0,65% every 100 levels with a max of 4.25%

Krakencape.gif Kraken Cape (5%) A Rare Chroma back accessory with a flame texture pattern on the back. +60 HP

+1.5 Health Regen

KrakenSword1.jpeg Kraken Blade (1%) A Legendary Chroma greatsword capable of using the power of a Kraken's soul. 10 base M1 Damage
KrakenKatanaW.jpeg Kraken Katana (1%) A Legendary sword that, similarly to the Seabeast Katana, is Sword Style-compatible. 9 base M1 Damage
Kraken core.png Kraken Core (1%) The core of a Kraken. Used to summon a Kraken at disposal, with a cooldown of 1 hour. The summoned Kraken only attacks when the summoner is alive and currently being attacked by an enemy(s). While it has all of it's original moves, it only has 1,400 HP, which continuously decreases overtime.
DFIcon.png Devil Fruit (3%) A legendary fruit that grants the user special powers. The player can eat it to gain more skills and powers.

Color Gallery


  • It was modeled by Benere and textured by froge. Citor was also heavily credited.
  • Azure Kraken items have very high value among the trade community due to how difficult they are to obtain. Azure is the rarest color of Kraken. (Don't get confused between Azure and Blue, Azure Krakens have a darker shade on their foreheads while Blue Krakens have no dark shade and it only pure blue in its forehead, and any azure drops will be named azure).
  • If you cannot tell the difference between Blue and Azure Krakens then use ken haki. Azure krakens in ken haki have a blue glow at the top of its head, the Blue Kraken does not.
  • The player needs to deal at least 1000 damage (5% of Kraken's HP), to have a chance of getting drops.
  • The Kraken was beaten out by Krampus in the amount of drops it has (Kraken: 7) (Krampus: 11), reaching Elo The Bunny from the Easter Event 2021 (6 drops).
  • When the Kraken spawns, you will hear a devilish laugh, causing the sky to darken and rain to pour.
  • Suna's Desert Spada can hit a Kraken up to 25 times if you lure the Kraken into the corner of the hill right before the Crab Cave. Using this method with Suna can deal about 2000 damage per hit.
  • Pika, Magu ,Goro, and Mera Mera no Mi are considered to be the best fruits for Kraken farming due to their high damage.