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Krampus the Ravager is a giant stationary boss for the Christmas Event 2021. He spawns at Winter Cave.

It wields an enlarged Festival Lancer, but never seems to use it aside from blocking. Currently, his HP is unknown, presumed to be around 100,000-150,000. He deals no M1 dmg. A special feature this boss has is that it heals 2.5% of its total HP each time it finishes someone.

Despite this boss being stationary, it is fairly challenging and is harder than other bosses. The player (or players) would have to learn the boss' pattern, and adjust themselves to it.

The boss is stationary, meaning it will not move. However, it is fairly challenging compared to other bosses. That means the player will have to learn the boss' pattern and adjust themselves to it.

To access the boss, one player needs to collect 15 Gingerbread Giftboxes (max stack size) by defeating Gingerbread Men (Kelvin, The Nutcracker's underlings) to open a portal through the sled to Krampus.


Krampus's Moveset
Name Description Damage
Icicle Rain Krampus screams and launches blockable icicles from the sky at the player. They can only hit if the target is close to the ground. 5-20 DMG per icicle (550+ if all hit)​
Frost Breath The boss breaths a blockable cooling air, freezing players in the way. 10-20 DMG (450+ if all hit)​
Frost Roar A blockable short-ranged roar that freezes and pushes players away. 12-20 DMG (450+ if all hit)​
Inhale A powerful block-breaking inhale that freezes players and rapidly pulls them to the boss' position. 10-20 DMG (210+ if all hit)​
Blizzard Krampus waves his hand and makes a blockable blizzard appear, dealing continuous damage and making player attacks deal only 50% of their original damage, as well as slowly draining their stamina, also make player unable to carry/grip other player. 2-6 DMG and -3 stamina every ~0.75 seconds
Grip Grabs a close knocked player and eats them to regain health. +2.5% of boss HP


Visual Showcase Name Description Stats
Gift of ouftit.png

Santa Ouftit.png

Gift of Outfit / Santa's Outfit (25%) A Common clothing accessory worn by Santa. Gives no buffs and is purely cosmetic. Can be worn alongside armor accessories.

Tall Elf Hat.png

Gift of Tall Hat / Tall Elf Hat (25%) A Uncommon head accessory worn by elves. The item could be considered a remake of the Christmas Event 2020 Elf Hat. +2 Stamina Regen


Gift of Horns / Reindeer Horns (25%) A Uncommon costume-like head accessory that resembles the horns of a reindeer. Gives no buffs and is purely cosmetic.

Rudolph Hat.png

Gift of Rudolph / Rudolph's Hat (25%) A Uncommon head costume accessory based on Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Gives no buffs and is purely cosmetic.

Santa's Beard.png

Gift of Beard / Santa's Beard (25%) A Uncommon costume-like face accessory that resembles Santa's beard. Gives no buffs and is purely cosmetic.
GOArmor.pngBA.png Gift of Armor / Bell Armor (5-10%) A Uncommon armor accessory +75 HP
GOScarf.pngPScarf.png.png Gift of Scarf / Peppermint Scarf (5-10%) A Rare neck accessory colored like a red peppermint candy. +1 Health Regen

Festival Tree Hat.png

Gift of Tree / Festival Tree Hat (5-10%) A Rare costume head accessory that resembles a decorated Christmas tree.
Gift of Fruit.pngDFIcon.png Gift of Fruit / Devil Fruit (5%) A legendary fruit that comes from the sea and is rumored to grant the user special powers. The player can eat it to gain more skills and power.
GiftofLancer.PNGFLIngame.png Gift of Lancer / Festival Lancer (1%) A Legendary melee weapon shaped like a decorated Christmas tree. 7 base M1 damage

Tactics & Tips[]

  • It's recommended to use Zushi, Mera, Gomu, Pika, Bomu or Magu while fighting this boss as they especially excel in combat when fighting Krampus.
  • Despite Frost Breath being blockable, it will always blockbreak if the player does not wield Busoshoku v2.
  • It's recommended to use accessories that reduce freezing time, such as the Frosted Gingerbread, dropped by Kelvin, The Nutcracker's Gingerbread Men or the Ice Necklace. That way, the player is able to escape Krampus' attacks that freeze the player.
  • If the player is able to predict the boss' Inhale technique, they can exit the cave and protect themselves in a corner.
    • They can also use a move that locks them in the air to prevent them from being pulled.
  • During the Icicle Rain attack, the player is able to jump or fly to dodge all the icicles, as they only target players that are on the ground.
  • If the player has Elo's Hammer, they can dig the boss into the ground, disabling it from using certain attacks.
  • This boss is not recommended doing solo. It's recommended to bring 3-5 more allies, as the boss is quite challenging.
  • However, there are ways to solo it. Those tend to take a lot of time, depending on the player's Devil Fruit.
    • With the Magu-Magu no Mi, it is possible to completely solo the boss, as long as the player memorizes its patterns.
      • This strategy is based around being outside the cave, always hiding on the corner to the right of the entrance to prevent from being pulled in by the Inhale move (that spot takes advantage of Magu's passive, as the player can be flung to the water at times). Any other move is not able to reach the player from outside.
      • By going to the cave's entrance as soon as the freezing effect ends makes it possible to use the following pattern:
        • Magma Rain (aimed at the middle of the big rock chunk on top of Krampus' head, to the right), Magma Hound (aimed at the very top of the boss' head), Magma Fist (aimed at bottom tip of the previous rock chunk) and then Magma Fist again, after the cooldown. Then, the player needs to run as fast as possible to the previously mentioned corner.
        • With enough speed, the player is able to use a Magma Hound, Magma Fist, another Magma Fist and another Magma Hound, all aimed at the mentioned spots. Then, run again to the corner.
        • Now, all the player needs to do is repeat both parts over and over, being always aware of their cooldowns and boss' patterns.
  • Having a Sea Serpent Core is extremely helpful for Krampus, as it has long range, good damage, and can keep damaging the boss even if many people in your group are knocked.


  • Krampus is the first stationary boss in the game.
  • Krampus, along with the Easter Event 2021 boss, Elo The Bunny and the Update 4 boss, Crab King Cho, is the third modeled large-sized ground boss.
  • He is also the 2nd boss in the game to have a custom death animation, after Crab King Cho.
  • Krampus currently holds the title for the most boss drops (10 drops), with the Kraken in second with 7, and Elo the Bunny in third with 6.