Grand Piece Online Wiki

  • The Legendary Fruit Chest is a Legendary item that guarantes the player a random Devil Fruit of Legendary rarity or higher.

It can be obtained via the following methods:

  • Winning a Solo Battle Royale game.
  • Dealing the most damage out of your team in a team-based Battle Royale game.
  • Gathering 15k-25k Points from the Impel Down Raid and Buying it from the Shop..

Owning the All-Seeing Eye will guarantee the player a Legendary Fruit Chest upon victory in a team-based Battle Royale regardless of circumstances. This does not apply to other gamemodes where the player may also obtain a Legendary Fruit Chest.

Five Legendary Fruit Chests can also be exchanged in the Trading Hub along with 3500Robux (3,000Robux with All Seeing Eye) to obtain a Mythical Fruit Chest.


Drop rates are absent of any factors such as 2x Logia Weekends and the All-Seeing Eye.

Devil Fruits
Kage fruit Kage-Kage Paw-new-fruit-pngpng Paw-Paw 879047288679460904.v3 Gura-Gura Zushi-new-fruit-pngpng Zushi-Zushi Itopng.v1 Ito-Ito Newgoro Goro-Goro SunaBetterQuality Suna-Suna 819439725621936148.v3 Hie-Hie FlareFlareFruit Mera-Mera YamiYaminoMiEdit Yami-Yami Magu-new-fruit-pngpng Magu-Magu PikaPikaNewQuality Pika-Pika Yuki Yuki-Yuki
819439851367694366.v3 Tori-Tori Mochi model test Mochi-Mochi 1120347619277934653 Ope-Ope Doku Doku-Doku Buddha Hito-Hito


  • Due to the item's high trading value and randomized nature, it is recommended to instead trade it for the player's desired Devil Fruit.