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This page lists the wiki's policies and rules. Please give them a look before editing! The "GPO Wiki" is dedicated to collaboratively document all information regarding Grand Piece Online collected by its players. As this is a "wiki" format site, it means you can edit any article by clicking the "edit" button on it. We appreciate your support to grow this wiki!


Grand Piece Online has a lot of content that can be documented. Here, you can find information about all devil fruits, Swords,Guns, NPCs, items, abilities, etc.

Just type anything on the top search bar or guide yourself by the top navigation bar! You can also find things by category, on the all categories page.


Anyone can edit pages in the Grand Piece Online Wiki. Just click on the "edit" button on top of any page if you think it needs any improvement or additional information.

You do not even need to be logged in! Keep in mind that pages with high traffic (such as Locations) or high amounts of vandalism (such as Suke) may be protected from unlogged users and non-mods. This is done only when highly necessary.

To learn more about how to edit and use page templates see our help index on the top navigation bar or the various tabs on this page.


The wiki has a few policies and guidelines you should look at. There are, however, three fundamental principles to be followed. What are those?


Neutralism means that the editor should always be impartial when writing. They should not be biased when writing about fruits, weapons, bosses, etc. The articles may only include facts about the features and not the editor's opinion on them. Articles such as Tier Lists are ultimately prohibited. Another very important feat is to avoid using "you" and "your" in articles. Try using "the player" or "the user". Pages shouldn't be way too personal to the reader.


Do not be mean to any person, even if they post scams. Please assume good faith when you disagree with someone, be nice, and say they'll get a block, nothing else. Entering unrespectful discussions may result in a punishment for both you and the person you're arguing with. Practicing "cooperation, consensus, and therefore mutual respect, civility, and wikilove" is a way to start out. It is also important to provide a clear summary of your edits to assist others in understanding what you've changed.


Grand Piece Online Wiki articles should be structured taking base on the page templates. Check them on the "Page Layout" tab.

Editing FAQ[]

1. I saw a sneakpeak or info that's not on the wiki, should I add it? If it is from the Discord or Youtube channels, yes. If you saw it from Patreon, do not add it in any means. And more importantly, if you saw the Patreon sneak outside of it, it is recommended to report the account you saw it on for uploading paid content.

2. I want to make a page but I don't know how to structure it. What should I do? The best thing is to create a stub with your thoughts and wait for someone else to structure it.