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The Mero-Mero no Mi (Love-Love Fruit) is a Rare Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to make anyone fall in love with them, and can use love-related attacks that can turn people to stone. This fruit's moveset is great for stuns, and is based around stunning your opponent while doing chip damage to the enemy.

This fruit is mainly used for PVP as it is not very good for grinding.


Mero Mero no Mi
Keybind Move Name Visual Showcase Point Requirements Description Drainage Damage Cap
E Love Pistol LovePistol.gif 15 Shoot a small heart towards the target, turning them into stone for a short time. 20 Stamina ? Damage
R Love Charm Charm.gif 25 Charm those around you and stun them for 3-5 seconds. 35 Stamina ? Damage
Z Love Wave Wave.gif 40 Releases 10 waves of love, turning all targets that passes through it turn into stone.

Damage is 6 + (DF Stat/40) rounded down, per wave

40 Stamina ?


X Love Burst Burst.gif 60 Release a burst of 25 arrows in a shotgun style that block break and turns targets into stone. This will deal massive damage if all arrows hit.

Damage is 2 + (DF Stat/45) per arrow

50 Stamina ? Damage
C Perfume Femur Femur.gif 90 A barrage of 9 powerful kicks. (+1 damage every kick per 10 points, max is around 44-45 damage) This knockbacks your opponent. (Not confirmed, getting inconsistent results. Maybe 20 points not 10) 35 Stamina ? Damage


  • Moves have low cooldowns.
  • The ultimate move does a lot of damage.
  • You can snipe with Love Pistol which has about a 3 second cooldown.
  • Love Burst has a frame advantage when landed.
  • Strong against sea beasts and bosses.
  • Easy combos on NPCS due to AI.
  • Perfume Femur has iframe IF the move lands.
  • Love Wave can go through walls.
  • All moves have stun which are very good for creating new combo.
  • Good for farming bosses.
  • When you got stunned by a Mero user, you can't jump.


  • It is relatively hard to use while grinding npcs due to the medium/long startup times of the moves and sword npcs blocking the arrows from X.
  • It has no mobility move.
  • Perfume Femur (ultimate) requires confirms into it due to small range and no hyperarmor.
  • Love Burst only works at very specific ranges.
  • Heavily punishable when attacks miss.
  • Horrible for ship farming, unless you have a lot of stats invested into Devil Fruit.

Tips and Tricks

  • All weapons are great with the stuns built in to help with m1 combos and openings.
  • In the restaurant you can go to the second floor and click R to have all the pirates lured on you, then walk out and use black-leg spin to safely kill them through the wall. When using the Love Burst, try to predict where they are going to go or dash. Even if only one arrow hits, the person hit will get stunned allowing you to do M1's or other moves.
  • The max damage for mero moves are: 50 (Love pistol), 60 (Love charm), 37 per tick (Love wave), 31 per tick (Love burst) and 50 per tick for perfume femur with 1275 in devil fruit.