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The Nobu Nobu no Mi (Noob-Noob Fruit), is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives its user the ability to turn themselves and others into a Toy.

DISCLAIMER: this is a spec for DahNoob himself, not a public fruit.


The fruit form has not yet been seen. The transformation turns you into a brown wind up toy with a large wind up knob on your back


  • Unnamed Passive - The user turns people they walk into while transformed into a Toy.
Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
Unknown Transform Unknown Unknown The user transforms into a Toy.
Unknown Nobu Nobu no Hamma Unknown Unknown A Medium ranged hammer that appears in the users hand and smashes the opponent into the floor, it also turns them into a toy if the user is transformed.
Unknown Nobu Nobu No Battery Unknown Unknown The user pulls out a bat and pounds their opponent into the floor in rapid succession, if transformed the user also turns them into a toy.
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unnamed Passive The user must be transformed. Unknown The user turns people they walk into while transformed into a Toy.


  • This fruit was revealed in a video by DahNoob on Monday, June 14th, 2021. You can view the video here --->
  • "oh dis not a public fruit btw it my spec huahuahuahuauhahuhuahuha" -DahNoob