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This page contains content about features that are not yet released.
These features are not currently in Grand Piece Online, but may have been sneak peeked or said to come in a future update.

The Ope Ope no Mi (Op-Op Fruit) is an unreleased Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows its eater to produce a spherical space or "room" in which the eater has complete control over the placement and orientation of all objects (and people) inside, making them a Free Modification Human.

Ope Ope no Mi is not in the game in its current state, but from official footage appears to be almost complete. However, the developer Benere said it won't come for a while.[1]

The last piece of official public footage released was on February 2020.


Ope Ope no Mi
Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
? Room Creates a spherical "room". The longer it is held, the bigger the sphere becomes. Being inside this room is necessary to perform all of Ope's object-manipulating techniques.
Click on the opponent's heart location Mes A close-ranged palm thrust that expels the opponent's heart out of their body, which can then be picked up. Once grabbed, the heart can be squished to immensely harm the opponent.
Click Amputate Allows the user to slash their environment (e.g a wall, cannon, door, etc.) into segments by clicking objects while in the Room.
Right-click and drag along the screen to select, then click to throw Takt Takes objects slashed into segments by Amputate and lifts them into the air, only to throw them at the clicked location.
? Counter Shock A short range attack in which the user does a short dash and electrocutes the target in front of them, stunning it.



  • It has been mentioned by some YouTube testers that Ope Ope's 'Room' max size scales with the user's Devil Fruit stat.
  • It is the only fruit in-game able to generate pickable items.