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Pharaoh Akshan, also known as Crocodile or Alligator (By a Civilian), is a Second Sea boss and is slumbering at the Pharaoh's Castle, on the Desert Kingdom. He uses the Suna Suna No Mi and is equipped with the Golden Hook.

He has 60,000 HP and deals 49 M1 damage. His spawn time is around 2-5 minutes since you need to collect all 3 artifacts to fight him.

His quest's level requirement is 375+.

To awaken Pharaoh Akshan the player needs to collect and equip 3 artifacts scattered around the Kingdom's cities. All of their spawn locations are random, meaning the player has to look for them in every possible corner. Those are: the Heart of Sol, located on the City of Sol; the Cup of Vedas, located on the City of Vedas; and the Seer of Zaro, located on the City of Zaro.

After collecting all of the artifacts, the player must go to the Statue located on one of the sides of the Castle's mountain, then interact with it having all of the artifacts equipped. After that, a cutscene will play and the Pharaoh will be awakened. The player must go inside his castle to fight him

The moveset section uses Suna's, as the moves the boss will actually use are unconfirmed.


Pharaoh Akshan use a move from both Suna and Golden Hook

Impale/Dehydrated - Pharaoh Akshan launch his hook to player then dehydrate the player, deal 550 damage.

Desert Cutlass - Pharaoh Akshan create a sand blade and slice forward, deal 70 damage.

Desert Cutlass:Frenzy - Pharaoh Akshan create a sand blade and slice forward and perform a combo, deal 470 damage.

Desert Storm - Pharaoh Akshan hurl a sand storm and throw it toward player with insane range, deal total of 200 damage.

Desert Spada - Pharaoh Akshan perform a ground slash which create a sand eruption afterward, deal 53-159 damage.

Desert Railgun - Pharaoh Akshan create a ball of extremely dense sand which drag player toward it then explode into a large blast, deal 104 damage.

Tactics & Tips[]

  • You can glitch him by using Trident Impale or any weapon that has a grab move then quickly switch to other item, this will make him unable to do any attack(you have to do this 2 times to make him completely unable to attack).
  • You can also glitch him with Hie Hie no Mi by standing on the 3rd Lamp from the entrance and use Pheasant Beak. (Make sure nobody enters the room / Aggro'd him)
  • Brute force him with a bunch of pikas/magus as they are said to be best for Pharaoh Akshan (Crocodile)
  • Get him into the room with stairs and attack him from far above
  • He's able to LMB multiple people at the same time, be wary.


Visual Showcase Name Description Stats
GoldenHookPho.png Golden Hook (5%) The Rare golden hook "sword" on the Pharaoh's hand, capable of stabbing/dehydrating his opponents and hiding a deadly poison inside. 7 base M1 damage.
PharaohsCape.png Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape (5%) A Rare cape accessory worn by Pharaoh Askhan. +85 HP

+1 Health Regen

+1 Stamina Regen



  • Crocodile is the first boss for the Second Sea.
  • He is also the 3rd boss to use a Logia-type Devil Fruit.
  • There is a bug that cause player to stuck underground after summon him(the only way to escape if you are stuck is leave the game).
  • He's a Legendary Skin in another Anime Roblox game called "Anime Battle Arena" for the character Crocodile and is also only character from GPO to be featured in another game.