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The Pika Pika no Mi (Light-Light Fruit) is a Legendary Logia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to manipulate, produce, and turn into light at will. this game is nuts btw

The fruit looks like a glowing yellow star-shaped fruit.

As a Logia-type, it grants the user a "Logia bar", which can be trained to dodge up to 20 non-Haki-infused physical attacks by draining it repeatedly.

Additionally, it turns the Q dash into a short, instantaneous light dash.


Pika-Pika Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Move Requirements Stamina Description
E Light Lunge 20 Devil Fruit Mastery 25 Stamina The user projects a sword made of light and then blinks towards the cursor, stabbing and block-breaking anything in its way.

Max DMG is 50.

CD: 7s

R Light Kick 40 Devil Fruit Mastery 65 Stamina Discharges a burst of light that explodes instantaneously on impact. Blockable.
Max DMG is 100.

CD: 7.5s

Z Light Ray 55 Devil Fruit Mastery More the longer it's held The user directs a maneuverable ray of light to scorch everything in its path. While held the caster is slowed down. It is blockable but can block-break if held long enough.
Max DMG is 15 per tick. Max ticks is 86, deal 1290 damage (Not include Burn dmg)

CD: 6s

T Light Flight 60 Devil Fruit Mastery 16 initial stamina,

starts off 1 per tick (1/5 of a second), and gradually increases by 1 every 26 ticks.

The user transforms into a light ray and flies at incredible speeds, reflecting off surfaces when touched. The lower the user's health is the lower the flying speed

CD: 10s

X Mirror Kick 75 Devil Fruit Mastery 95 Stamina The user projects a mirrored beam of light above a designated location before unleashing a block-breaking light kick downwards.

CD: 10s

C Jewels of Light 95 Devil Fruit Mastery 50 initial Stamina, takes 3 stamina per hit. A devastating barrage of blockable explosive light beams.
Max DMG is 25 per hit.

CD: 45s

Pika's moveset maxes out at around 525;however, Light Lunge caps out at a very high mastery. It is recommended to put only 500-525 points into devil fruit as nearly all the moves (with the exception of Light Lunge) reach their damage cap, leaving you with plenty of points to put into other categories.


  • Light Flight is by far the fastest transportation in the game, letting the user fly from island to island faster than any in-game ship
  • Light Flight is nearly instant and cannot be canceled by getting hit
  • Fairly decent dash move, the passive allows the user of this fruit to replace the simple Q roll, with a light symbol and teleporting forward
  • Many moves do burn damage
  • Widely considered to be one of the best fruits in the game for farming, alongside the Magu Magu no Mi
  • Light Kick has no travel time at all. The only delay is the initial startup of the casting
  • Light Lunge has hyperarmor (Cannot be canceled)
  • Excellent for grinding as it sports two of the highest damage per second moves in the game, and possesses decent AoE
  • The user can use Light Flight in a mid-air combo to reset their M1s
  • The passive dash allows you to dash while blocking
  • Light Lunge, Light Flight and Mirror Kick can be used to escape drowning


  • Stamina cost nearly as bad as the Goro Goro no Mi, making it hard to fight for a long time
  • Light Flight can only move in one direction without turning, unlike other Logia fruits' flight abilities
  • Very difficult to hit opponents in the air with almost every move, causing them to be dodged quite easily
  • Extremely predictable with high startups (with the exception of Light Kick and Light Flight).
  • Light Ray cannot be used indoors, as it gets blocked by roofs
  • Vulnerable against enemies that can deflect projectiles
  • Due to Update 4's NPC Update, NPCs will block "Light Ray" more often resulting in the user getting PB'd and wasting their move, or making farming take a longer time due to NPCs having very high defense
  • Light Lunge can be perfect blocked if the opponent times it correctly. However, it can be held, making it nearly impossible to perfect block due to it not having a release animation.
  • Yata Mirror's guardbreak is nearly as bad as Frost Blade and Ice Age.
  • The instantaneous dash replaces Soru meaning you have less mobility in turn for being able to dash while blocking (only a con when using Rokushiki).
  • Requires 5-20 mastery just to unlock some moves.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • The Light dash passive can be used while blocking
  • Light Lunge, when hit, can be used to combo into M1s, since the target will be flung near the user
  • Light Lunge is also an excellent tool to not only escape water, but escape combos as well. Due to it being unstoppable and block-breaking, the player can use it similar to Ice Blade and Flame Pillar to change the tides of the battle
  • Light Lunge can be hard to perfect blocked if held
  • Light Flight can bounce off surfaces, including water
  • After knocking a boss into a corner, you can use your ult, making every jewel hit the boss.