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The races you can achieve can provide certain benefits. The only ways to obtain a different race as of right now is to reroll with ROBUX or use a code, however there is a small possibility upon first opening the game rather then starting as a human your race will be Skypian, and even smaller one for Fishman and Mink.

Race Info
Race Pictures Roll Chance Appearance Changes Benefits
Human Human Race GPO.png 75% Nothing Nothing
Skypian GPO Skypian Race.png
15% Wings on the back of the user. 50% less fall damage, Gliding (learned from npc atop Giant Jack in skypiea; speed based on how long you've fallen beforehand)
Fishman Fishman Race .png 5% Unique skin colors such as white, red, green, blue and multiple body types
Faster swim, longer breath that lasts 2 minutes, The ability to 'swim' with a devil fruit, Which is more of just jumping out of water over and over (or floating on the surface if you hold space after jumping and touching the water), Fishman Karate, Also sharks attack the shark fishman less (or possibly all fishman)
Mink Capture d’écran 2022-01-02 195040.png 5% Multiple body types 10% More Stamina, Bonus stun passive, Electro fighting style, Also electrifies the Golden Staff, even if you don't have Goro Goro no Mi.
Cyborg (Unreleased) ?? ?? CONFIRMED RELEASE AT UPDATE 5!

Developer Benere#1585 leaked a part of the Cyborg Rig.

Link (Twitter)[1]

Note that information may be incorrect and may be subject to change some time in the future.

Appearance Types[]

Human: Doesn't have a variant.

Skypian: Many wing variants ranging in size large and small, They offer no change to speed or fall damage reduction

Fishmen: Shark Fin (Back), Arlong's nose (Saw shark nose), Head fins (Single Fin in the middle of the head, 2 Fins only on the sides of the head, or all 3 Fins), Arm fins, Arm Suction Cups, Pipe, Gills

Minks: Cat Ears, Tiger Ears, Bunny Ears + Tail, Bear Ears, Dog Ears + Tail, Head Horns (Front of skull curling up like the horns of a Bull or Back of skull curling down like the horns of a Ram)

Cyborg (Unreleased): ???