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Sea Serpents, also known as Sea Kings, are a type of Sea Beast that spawn in First and Second Sea Rough Waters when a player ship is nearby. In order to properly spawn one, the player must be in the Rough Waters with any amount of bounty, although the chance scales with bounty.

They act as a sort of "mini-boss", which players can battle in order to gain prestigious rewards that aid the user in both PvP and PvE.

Sea Serpents will only despawn after there are no players alive to target. This means that even if the player drowns by the Sea Beast, as long as there is another person nearby or if they can get back there and hit it again it will not despawn.

The Minimum requirement to trade the Sea Serpents drops is lvl 300+


Sea Serpents have three unique attacks that they will cycle through in a pattern.

  • Roar: The Sea Beast will reel its head back before letting loose a loud roar, dealing AoE damage to nearby players. This move block-breaks and deals around 100 damage.
  • Beam: The Sea Beast will lower its head and quickly let out a beam that targets one player. This move is blockable.
  • Water Bomb: The Sea Beast will lower its head and charge up a Water Bomb for a few seconds. This move is identical to Fishman Karate's Water Bomb and deals a large amount of AoE damage. This move block-breaks.


Visual Showcase Name Description Stats
Slayer Armor Red.png Slayer's Armor (1%) A Legendary Chroma color-variable Samurai-looking Gosuku type Armor accessory. Comes in Blue, Green, Red, or Orange. +75 HP

+2 Stamina Regen

+1% base Reduced Damage, + 0.5% every 100 levels with a maximum of 10%

Sea Beast Mask.png Slayer's Mask (1%) A Legendary Chroma color-variable face accessory that is a special type of mask that represents Shogun and Oni masks. Comes in Blue, Green, Red, or Orange. +0.5% base Reduced Damage, + 0.5% every 75 levels with a maximum of 5%
Seabeast Katana.png Seabeast Katana (5%) A Rare powerful and carefully forged katana from the material of Sea Beasts. 8 base M1 Damage
A7607a692e4f2071a8dbe451a7353923.gif Sea Serpent's Core (1%) The core of a Sea Serpent. Used to summon a Sea Serpent at disposal, with a cooldown of 45 minutes. The summoned Beast only attacks when the summoner is alive and currently being attacked by an enemy(s). While it has all of it's original moves, it has 1.25k health which continuously decreases overtime. While the core serves no buffs to the player, they can summon a powerful ally to aid them in battles.
DFIcon.png Devil Fruit (3%) A legendary fruit that comes from the sea and is rumored to grant the user special powers. The player can eat it to gain more skills and power.

Tips & Tactics[]

  • The best Devil Fruits used to farm Sea Serpents are Pika, Magu, Hie, Zushi and Bomu (Bomu only on land), as their ultimates can deal a lot of damage. (For Bomu you can also spam mines) Demon Step also can be used to farm Sea Serpents (Using its Demon Axe Drop, Demon Blitz, and Demon Spectrum)
  • The best place to farm Sea Serpents is a patch of rough waters north of Elo's Island's docks. Therefore the player can bring it back to the island using any form of fast transportation (fast ships, fruit flight, geppo, etc.) and shoot the Boss from land, avoiding the risk of drowning in water and allowing the player to aim almost all of their skills. Since the removal of Elo's Island the best place to farm them are the rough waters where you can find the World Scroll North of Marine Base G-1. Like Elo's Island, you can still bring it back to land fairly easy and farm it there. With the Halloween update, a massive patch of rough water exists on the shore of Transylvania in the second sea, making farming sea beasts fairly easy due to it's border with the rough water.
  • It's best to farm with a group, which the player can find on the GPO Discord. Even if they have any of the recommended fruit, it's still good to farm in group for faster rewards.
  • Tekkai is extremely useful for farming Sea Serpents, since the player will be able to block the roar that happens every 6-8 seconds, and the water bomb that deals a lot of damage.
  • The Sea Beast will only focus one person no matter what until they are knocked. This allows one person to lure the Sea Beast whilst all other players attack its tail or its head.
  • Fruitless users can go into the water and barrage the part of the Sea Beast where it emerges from the water to deal massive damage.
  • Bari users can completely nullify all of the Sea Beast's attacks for themselves with both Barrier wall and Barrier Sphere.
  • If the player leaves a Sea Beast's range, it will dive under the water for a few seconds, then proceed to pop out closer to the player. They can use this to their advantage by luring it into land.
  • (pika users can lure sea beasts and krakens closer to land by using geppo once on top of water and aiming light flight towards the sky near land till the kraken or sea beast emerge in the sea to spawn near the player).


  • The amount of XP earned is equivalent to the amount of damage the player deals to the Sea Beast. That means if they solo it they gain 10k+ XP.
  • The color of the Sea Beast Armor and Sea Beast Helmet are based on the color of the Sea Beast they dropped from.
  • When the sea serpent spawn, it will roar then the sky begin to rain and darken(but not as dark as the Kraken)​
  • To even have a chance to get rewards,player must do at least 500 damage to Sea Beast ​
  • Guns used to be good to farm Sea Beasts, but since Update 3.5 they only deal 50% damage to them.
  • If a player has 100K bounty a Sea Beast will spawn almost instantly
    • Now, guns appear to do no damage to Sea Beasts.