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Ships are a common method of transportation used to travel across the First Sea, and are affected by different things.

The Rowboat, Caravel, and Galleon can be bought with Peli (Peli SmallW.png), each costing different amounts. If the player's ship is low on HP, it will go slower depending on the percentage of HP lost. To regain the HP of their ship, they must buy a hammer and get wooden planks in order to fix the ship, each plank heals the ship by 10HP.

If the player goes through Rough Waters, their ship's speed will be halved and a Sea King may spawn. The higher their bounty is, the more likely a Sea Kings and marine boats will spawn. When one attacks their ship, it will enter combat and cannot be despawned until the marine/pirate boat or Sea King despawns. Only Marine / Pirate NPC ships will despawn when the boat they're attacking is destroyed. Sea Beasts and The Kraken will only despawn if there are no nearby players, or if it glitches when following a player and moves under the map.

When a ship is on land, it will start to take large amounts of damage every second. The Hoverboard is the only exception, being capable of traveling on land.

When destroyed, the ship will have a 30 second cooldown before it can be spawned again. The player can switch ships to bypass it. After the cooldown the ship will be spawned with 10% of it's max HP.

While going through the First Sea, marine and pirate ships can attack the player's ship depending on their bounty. The higher their bounty is, the more frequently NPCs will attack. The Galleon and the Caravel have cannons on the sides of the ship that can be fired when supplied with cannonballs bought from Town of Beginnings.

Players can sit on a ship by pressing P while standing on it, but they must have sufficient space to do so.

Also, a ship will display the flag of the player's crew on the front sail.

Ships currently in-game[]

Event Ships[]