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Specs, or Admin Specs are abilities, transformations, fruits and other things limited to specific people, such as developers and testers.

Players who beg for them must expect punishments/nothing at all.

Known specs are:


Boosted Stats[]

The creator of the game, Phoeyu, is constantly seen with extremely above average stats, such as trillions of stamina and health. Especially on showcases and live appearances.

They can edit it by commands, and when entering a ranked match, the stats reset back to the current level cap. However, Phoeyu was seem editing their stats mid-match anyways. The commands used are from Kohl's Admin Infinite, the admin system used in Grand Piece Online.

Even though it is sometimes denied by the developers, members of the House Alucard crew have been seem using Boosted Stats. Said witnessings include: attacks bigger than normal, extreme amounts of health, absurd damage on average stat builds, etc.

Custom Commands[]

Customized Admin commands used to spawn fruits, drops, etc.

Known commands are:

  • !fruit - Gives the player any typed fruit
  • !drop - Gives the player any typed boss drop
  • !map - ?
    • This command is commonly misused by players when entering Dungeons.

Phoeyu Gate[]

A common tool used by Phoeyu as a "fast travel spell".

A white portal appears on the player's foot and body and then they have to say a determined abbreviation to get to that island. After saying it, an "anime girl moan" plays and the player is instantly teleported.

The tool is highly based on Rogue Lineage's Gate spell. Their functionality is practically the same.

Purple gems similar to the "Rift Gems" used to unlock the Gate in Rogue Lineage have also been seen.

Known abbreviations are:

Unreleased Accessories[]

Accessories unreleased to the public.

Known hats are:

  • Anonymous' Mask
    • Was used by rip_indra (Blox Fruits developer), also known as Lord Alucard (House Alucard's captain).[1]
  • Mihawk's hat
    • Used by HanimeKFC on showcases.


Phoeyu once was seen using a sword that looks and works like the Darkheart from the classic 2008's Roblox game Sword Fights on the Heights IV.

According to the Roblox Wiki:

  • Fuction: When equipped, the user can slash or lunge opponents for heavy damage numbers. 18 damage for slashing, and 36 damage for lunging.
  • Unique Passive: Damaging opponents will heal you for 40% of the damage dealt to them. It will also steal it from the victim, causing them to take more damage. If an opponent has been defeated with Darkheart, their body parts will become black meshes and fly in random directions.


In fairly old streams, Phoeyu was seen using a modern, untextured, real life Battleship.

It seems very fast when compared to normal in-game ships.

The youtube stream containing it's only appearance was privated, so footage is currently lacking.


Phoeyu is able to turn into a huge Titan from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).

In this form, they can powerfully punch and stomp players.

Colossal Titan[]

Phoeyu is able to turn into the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).

When transforming, a huge insta-kill explosion is triggered, throwing nearby players almost or just off the island they're on. While transformed, they're able to punch and stomp players with extremely powerful attacks that have no cooldown whatsoever.

Megumin Explosion[]

Phoeyu has a remote with a red button that summons Megumin's explosion.

Apefoot Bloodline[]

A roar attack similar to Gorilla King's chest-beating move, doing unblockable waves of damage to nearby players and healing the user.

Nobu Nobu no Mi[]

The Nobu Nobu no Mi (Noob-Noob Fruit) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives its user the ability to turn themselves and others into a Roblox noob toy.

The fruit is a spec made by DahNoob for himself. However, the fruit hasn't been seem in-game, but only in DahNoob's test place.


Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
Unknown Transform Unknown Unknown The user transforms into a Toy.
Unknown Nobu Nobu no Hamma Unknown Unknown A Medium ranged hammer that appears in the users hand and smashes the opponent into the floor, it also turns them into a toy if the user is transformed.
Unknown Nobu Nobu No Battery Unknown Unknown The user pulls out a bat and pounds their opponent into the floor in rapid succession, if transformed the user also turns them into a toy.
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unnamed Passive The user must be transformed. Unknown The user turns people they walk into while transformed into a Toy.


  1. (Grand Piece Online) "Alucard On Top" - Video by RevolverAGZ
      • rip_indra can be seem using the mask through the whole video, being easily visible on 15:49.