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Sphinx Island is an island that has the Gorilla King boss (5% drop Crown) and Monkeys.

2 Quests:

Gonny's quest to defeat monkeys

Kill 10 Monkeys

  • Lvl: 55+
  • XP: 400
  • Peli: 200

(85 XP & 20 Peli per Monkey)

Total: 1,250 EXP & 400 Peli

Quest to defeat the Gorilla King

Kill 1 Gorilla King

  • Lvl: 65+
  • XP: (?)
  • Peli: (?)

(700) XP & (?) Peli per Gorilla)

Total: EXP & Peli


  • The Gorilla Kings chest pound deals 11-20 damage and has a 17-18 second cooldown. It cannot be cancelled.
  • Bari Bari Users can be immune to the chest pound IF they are holding their barrier wall in-between them and the oncoming chest pound.
  • Bari Users can stop the chest pound from hurting ANYBODY if they put the Gorilla King in a bubble sphere, this is a very good technique for making sure your friends don't get their ears ripped to shreds (And their insides).
  • You'll probably need more than 2 people to kill the gorilla king
  • The Gorilla King deals 30 damage per punch
  • This island's monkey quest gives more EXP than arlong park, however it gives less than half of the peli that the arlong park quest gives.
  • If you want to cheese the Gorilla King is to make sure to bring him behind the rocks and only do 4 m1's (if you do 5 it'll knockback and it will regen health) just make sure that you have enough defense to tank the gorilla kings m1's (You need 100 defense to fully block his m1's)