Grand Piece Online Wiki

{Fully Updated 3/5/22} Stats are a way you can increase your abilities in Grand Piece Online. They are divided in several categories and can be accessed through the menu by pressing M. The maximum number of points you can put in every stat is 1275. (According to players but for testers, the stats are 1785) Every level up you gain 3 stat points, which can be distributed into any stat to increase its effectiveness. Your health and stamina will also raise by 1 passively.


Strength - Strength raises the damage output of physical damage, such as skills from fighting styles, such as Black Leg, Demon Step and Rokushiki, up to a certain limit. This stat does not affect damage inflicted by Swords, Guns or Devil Fruits. You can find scaling for m1 damage here. (feykocr55)

A player's Health and Stamina will increase with every level.

Stamina - Stamina increases a player's stamina, giving 2 more stamina per stat point allocated. Stamina is used by most of the moves in the game, such as attacks done by Devil Fruits. Stamina regen will also increase every 50 total stamina. For example, 750, 850. and 950 would be 8, 9, and 10 base stamina regen respectively.

Defense - Defense increases health, health regeneration and block strength. Your health can be calculated by the following equation: round-down (1.75defense + Item Bonus + Level hp) = health. At level 425, your base level hp is 488. Defense also increases the damage output of the Self Destruction skill of Bomu Bomu no Mi.

Gun Mastery - Gun Mastery increases damage done by ranged weapons and all gun-based weapons, such as the Cannon, Shotgun, Rifle, Burn Bazooka and Bazooka

Sword Mastery - Sword Mastery unlocks sword skills and increases the damage done by all weapons categorized as Swords. Examples are the Katana, the Golden Staff, Elo's Hammer, Flower Bouquet, and many more. Sword Mastery also increases the damage done by the Tori Tori no Mi ability Phoenix Talons. You can find scaling for most swords here. (feykocr55)

Devil Fruit - Devil Fruit unlocks the user's Devil Fruit abilities, enhances the performance and increases damage done by each Devil Fruit skill. You can find scaling for most devil fruits here. (EvilDrewDanger)

[Fighting Style] Mastery - Every melee fighting style has its own unique mastery stat required to unlock skills. This stat does not increase the damage of fighting styles. Exceptions to this are Electro and Fishman Karate, whose skills increase in damage by mastery, while strength only affects M1 damage. You can find scaling for most fighting styles here. (feykocr55)