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The Suna Suna no Mi (Sand-Sand Fruit) is a Legendary Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into sand at will.

The model itself looks like a sand-colored fruit with pointy left-turned "scales" that have brown-colored splashes on each; and a brown classic Devil Fruit stem.

As a Logia-type, it grants the user a "Logia bar", which can be trained to dodge up to 20 non-Haki-infused physical attacks by draining it repeatedly.


Suna-Suna Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
E Desert Cutlass Devil Fruit Mastery 35 Stamina The user creates a sand blade from their elbow and performs a single blockable slash move.

CD: 5s

R Desert Cutlass: Frenzy Devil Fruit Mastery 35 Stamina Similar to Desert Cutlass, however after the slash is landed the user barrages an enemy with violent spins and then ends the barrage with a powerful block-breaking slam that deals area damage.

CD: 18s

T Desert Flight Devil Fruit Mastery 3 Stamina each 0.5 sec The user transforms the lower half of their body into a gust of sand that can propel them omni-directionally.

CD: 12s

Z Desert Storm Devil Fruit Mastery 45 Stamina The user hurls a whirlwind of sand that sends enemies slowly upwards and detains them inside until the storm dissipates. Deals up to 20 hits.

Damage caps at 25 damage (around 806 DF Mastery).

CD: 22s

X Desert Spada Devil Fruit Mastery 55 Stamina A large, long-ranged block-breaker ground slash that is performed by the user stabbing their arm into the ground. After 2 seconds, it creates an eruption that splits anything in its way. Deals up to 24 hits.

CD: 8s

C Desert Railgun Devil Fruit Mastery 90 Stamina The user creates a ball of extremely dense sand that creates a devastating block-breaking explosion on impact. This move also pulls anyone near its radius into it.

CD: 100s


  • Ultimate has great AoE.
  • Great for Kraken farming.
  • Desert Storm can be used to pressure the user's opponent into an easy block-break/combo. (Unless they have black leg or goro/pika)
  • Buffs Golden Hook by a lot.
  • Frenzy is a great block-breaker.
  • Does not have a damage cap for certain moves.
  • Has low Stamina costs.
  • Desert Spada can hit up to 20+ times (only works on big hitbox enemies like kraken).
  • Can use Suna moves while using Desert Flight.
  • Can get out of water with Desert flight.


  • Desert Railgun can be countered with Pole Counter.
  • After the nerf, it can't easily kill Dungeon bosses.
  • High cooldowns.
  • Desert Spada has a small hitbox, a long startup and can easily be perfect blocked.
  • Desert Storm has a predictable startup.
  • No moves have hyper armor (except Desert Railgun and Desert flight).
  • Desert storm can glitch out and not hit the ground.
  • Ground reliant.
  • Devil fruit mastery only slightly buffs attacks.
  • Ultimate does really low damage.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • A simple combo with Suna is: 4 M1s (hold space) + Desert Cutlass (aim down) + 4 M1s (hold space) + Cutlass Lunge + 4 M1s (hold space) + Desert Cutlass: Frenzy (After the nerf, this combo is no longer true).
  • If you have Fishman Karate, you can water prison and then Desert Storm.
  • A way to land Desert Spada is getting them in Desert Storm.
  • If you ever fall off into the sea you can Desert Flight to escape.


  • It was animated and rigged by TBGlitch and Benere, respectively.
  • It is used by the boss Pharaoh Akshan (Crocodile).
  • Phoeyu showed this fruit off in a video on July 7th, 2021 in a 1v1.
  • When using the Golden Hook, the user will gain extra range when using Hook Impale by launching their hand, also making it dehydrate the opponent when hit, draining both HP and a bit of Stamina. Hook Impale/Dehydrate will scale off Devil Fruit Mastery when the user has Suna and Golden Hook, rather than Sword Mastery.
  • Desert Flight doesn't have a flight animation, unlike Mera's Flame Flight or Tori's Half Phoenix Form flight. (Note: Not sure where this came from. Flight with suna seems to have similar if not the same animations as Mera, as of Version 4.915.)
  • (i believe they meant the start up to the flight where mera does a backflip and tori leaps into the air but suna just starts flying making it not very viable to escape water)
  • The fruit model appears to be based off of Shukaku from Naruto.