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There are many swords in the game, each one having it's own unique abilities and damage. Many can be used for all content, such as Pole, Trident, and more.


This list contains Melee Weapons that are fully implemented and can be bought, dropped by enemies, and equipped.

There are currently 21 weapons in the game as of Update 4.5

Name Acquire Base Damage
Katana 999 Peli, located at Roca Island 5
Kiribachi Boss Drop from Arlong, located in Arlong Park (5%) 9
Skyblue Katana Boss Drop from Head Guardian, located in Skypiea (5%) 6
Golden Staff Boss Drop from Enel, located in Skypiea (5%) 7 (8 with Goro Goro no Mi )
(EVENT) Santa's Bells Drops from Santa's Elf, located in Skypiea (25%) 7
(EVENT) Santa's Candy Cane Boss Drop from Santa, located in Skypiea (5%) 7
Ryu's Katana Boss Drop from Ryu, located in Fishman Island (5%) 9
Neptune's Trident Boss Drop from Neptune, located in Fishman Island (1%) 8
Gravity Blade Boss Drop from Gravito, located in Gravito's Fort (5%) 8
(EVENT) Flower Bouquet Boss Drop from Love Empress, located in Valentine Island (5%) 5
Seabeast Katana Drops from Sea King (5%) 8
Bisento Boss drop from Zhen/Whitebeard, located at Marine Base G-1 (1%) 10
(EVENT) Elo's Hammer Boss Drop from Elo, located at Elo's Island (5%) 10
Crab Cutlass Boss drop from Crab King Cho, located at Alabasta (1%) 8
Golden Hook Boss drop from Crocodile, located at Alabasta (5%) 7
Kraken Katana Boss drop from the Kraken, located on Second Sea's Rough Waters (1%) 10
Kraken Blade Drops from the Kraken, located on Second Sea's Rough Waters (1%) 10
Musashi’s Crimson Katana Boss Drop from Musashi, located on Sashi Island (100% drop first battle) 11
Musashi’s Rose Katana Boss Drop from Musashi, located on Sashi Island (50% and limited to 5 Attempts) 11
(EVENT) Demon Jester's Scythe Boss Drop from Demon Jester, located on Transylvania (1%)
(EVENT) Hollow's Fang Boss Drop from Ba'al, located on Transylvania


(EVENT) Prestige Candy Cane Gift drop, located on GPO (Island) (0.1%) 7
(EVENT) Festival Shield Gift drop, from Kelvin, The Nutcracker (1%) 7
(EVENT) Festival Lancer Gift drop, from Krampus, The Ravager (1%) 7


This list contains Melee Weapons that have been only teased/sneak peaked, and some are unknown when they will make their way into the game.

There are currently 3 unreleased weapons as of now.

Name Acquire Progress
Yoru Probably a boss drop from Mihawk, as HanimeKFC has been seen using his hat. Fully animated and modeled. Partially implemented.
Sandai Kitetsu Currently unknown. Unknown.
Nidai Kitetsu Currently unknown. Unknown.


  • The Golden Staff can be morphed and transformed into a Trident if the player has eaten the Goro Goro no Mi, pushing its base damage from 7 → 8 by pressing the X key.
  • 3SS is confirmed, in a video where a Roball asks Phoeyu about 3SS, and he confirmed it will happen. As of now, we only have 1SS and 2SS.
  • Hollow's Fang has the fastest m1 speed in game.