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The NAME is a Common/Uncommon/Rare/Rare Chroma/Legendary/Legendary Chroma/Collectable head/face/mouth/neck/back/waist/armor/clothing accessory with a PERCENTAGE drop chance from BOSS at LOCATION.

It gives +0 extra HP, +0 health regen, +0 stamina regen, +0% base reduced damage, + 0% every 0 levels with a maximum of 0%, +0% reduced burn damage, +0% reduced freeze time and +0% sword damage multiplier.

FOR CLOTHING: As a clothing item, it is purely cosmetic and can be worn alongside armor accessories.

The level requirement to trade it is 0+.

The accessory looks like APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION.

NOTES (such as unique feats, trade community opinion (not personal, please), rarity commentary, etc.).


  • Optional.