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The locations below exist in the Sea of Phoeyu (First Sea).

The map below shows where each island is on the map.
First Sea Locations
Name Recommended Level Purchaseables Drop
Town of Beginnings Any Rowboat, Caravel, Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Plank, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Wooden Shovel, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Pistol, Rifle Bandit Boss

Eye Patch (50%)

Marine Fort F-1 Any None None
Sandora 10+ None Lucid

Bazooka (25%)

Shell's Town 20+ Galleon, Hammer, Potions, Barrels Logan

Metal Jaw (25%)

Island Of Zou 30+ Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style) Zou Inhabitants

Carrot (50%)

Baratie 40+ Black Leg None
Orange Town 50+ None Star Clown

Buggy Cape (10%)

Mysterious Cliff Any Rokushiki None
Roca Island Any One-Sword-Style, Katana None
Colosseum Any None None
Sphinx Island 65+ None Gorilla King

Gorilla King Crown (5%)

Arlong Park 70+ None Arlong

Kiribachi (5%)

Kori Island 80+ Busoshoku Haki None
Land of the Sky 105+ Kenbunshoku Haki, Potions For a full guide, scroll up and click "Land of the Sky", next to "First Sea"
Gravito's Fort 160+ None Gravito

Hoverboard (1%)

Gravito's Cape(5%)

Gravity Blade (5%)

Fishman Cave Any Bubble None
Fishman Island 190+ Fishman Karate None
Fishman Colosseum Any None None
Ryu's Palace 210+ None Ryu

Shark Necklace (5%) Ryu's Blade (5%)

Neptune's Throne 230+ None Neptune

Neptune's Trident (1%)

Neptune's Crown(5%)

Marine Base G-1 240+ None Flame Admiral Zeke

Marine Captain's Cape (5%)

Captain Zhen

Captain Zhen's Cape (5%)

Bisento (1%)

Coco Island Any Diable Jambe, Geppo Trainer None
Sea Serpent (Rough Waters) Recommended level 200+ None Sea Serpent's Core (1%)

Slayer's Armor Set (comes in different colors) (1%)

Seabeast Katana (5%)

Slayer's Mask (comes in different colors) (1%)

Random Fruit (3%)

???? Shrine 325+ None World Scroll
Reverse Mountain 325+ Eternal Pose None

The locations below exist in the Land of the Sky (Skypiea).

The Land of the Sky exists in the same server as the First Sea, and can be found at the top of the Knock-Up Stream.

In a sense, this is heaven.

Land of the Sky Locations
Name Rec. Level Purchaseables Drops
Heaven's Gate Any None None
Sky Town District 1 Any Land of the Sky Eternal Pose, Potions None
Sky Town District 2 105+ None None
Sky Castle (Recommended) 110+ None Head Guardian

Guardian's Helmet (5%)

Skyblue Katana (5%)

Sky Colosseum Any None None
The Tree 125+ Skypiean Glide Ability Bruno

Burn Bazooka (5%)

Sky Town District 3 135+ None None
Malcom's Lair 145+ None Malcom

Shotgun (5%)

Golden City 155+ Kenbunshoku Haki Enel

Golden Staff (5%)

Tomoe Drums (1%)

The locations below exist in the Second Sea (New World).

Second Sea Map:


The Second Sea exists in a different server than the First Sea, you can visit the Second Sea by opening the gates at the Reverse Mountain which is southwest of Marine Base G-1.

Second Sea Locations
Name Recommended Level Purchaseables Drop
Rovo Island Any None None
Desert Kingdom 325+ Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo Food Kingdom Guards

Kingdom Guard Outfit (20%)

Crab King Cho
Cho's Crown (5%)
Crab Cutlass (1%)

Pharaoh Akshan
Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape (5%)
Golden Hook (5%)

Sashi Island 325+ 2 Sword Style Musashi

Musashi’s Hat (5 attempts)
Musashi’s Rose Katana (5 attempts)
Musashi’s Crimson Katana (5 attempts)
Musashi’s Karuta (5 attempts)

Spirit Island Any Busoshoku V2 None
Colosseum of Arc Any None None
Rough Waters 325+ None Sea Serpent