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The Zushi Zushi no Mi (Gravity-Gravity Fruit) is a Legendary Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows the user to create and manipulate gravitational forces.

When eaten, the Zushi Zushi no Mi gives perks to the Gravity Blade and the Hoverboard. Zushi users can go up to 95 speed on the Hoverboard and the "Gravity Frenzy" skill for the Gravity Blade gets a short range pull in on startup. These items are exceptionally good for NPC farming, PvP, and travelling from island to island.


Zushi-Zushi Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Move Name Requirements Stamina Description
E Gravity Push 15 Mastery 30 Stamina Shoots out a gravity beam that repels everything within a short area away from the user.
R Gravity Pull 45 Mastery 25 Stamina Shoots out a gravity beam that pulls a target towards the user.
T Gravity Fly 35 Mastery 11 initial stamina, 1 per tick Launches up a rock that can be used for flight.
Z Gravity


60 Mastery 50 Stamina Creates a field of extreme gravity that forces targets to their knees.
X Meteor Strike 70 Mastery 75 Stamina Pulls down a meteor that falls down on the position of your cursor.
C Meteor Fury 85 Mastery 130 Stamina Pulls down a barrage of meteors, pummeling the area around the position of your cursor. (you must click where you want the meteors to land.)


Pros and Cons[]


  • Can attack while flying.
  • Flying does not slow down when on low HP.
  • Flying does not take that much stamina.
  • Gravity Push and Pull are hitscan moves.
  • Meteors guard break and burn in an AoE.
  • High combo potential.
  • Extra speed with the Hoverboard.
  • Meteors can be used indoors.
  • Is a decent fruit for Sea Beast & Kraken Farming due to the huge hitboxes and range on Meteor Moves and can easily land all hits on "Meteor Fury" since SB's and Kraken's have a huge hitbox.
  • Can be used to solo dungeons due to "Gravity Fly" (Only on the Skypiean Map)


  • "Gravity Push", "Pull", and "Dominance" are all blockable.
  • Long casting time.
  • Low flying speed and unlike Mera's and Suna's similar like flight moves, if you get hit by a move that deals knockback you will fall out of the sky.
  • Zushi's Ultimate has an extremely long windup and is very easy to dodge if the opponent has Geppo.
  • Zushi's "Meteor Strike" can be easily be PB'd in PVP if used when the opponent is expecting it.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • Meteor Strike has an insanely long range on where it can be cast.
  • Zushi has a load of combos that range from easy to difficult due to its incredibly high combo potential. Here are some notable combos.
    • A basic combo for Zushi is 4 M1's (hold space) + Gravity Pull + Jump + 5 M1's.
      • Another basic combo is 5 M1's + Gravity Push + Meteor Strike.
      • For the Zushi math player may find them here


These Combos have been tailored to be true and work with arena cooldowns.


Afro Dash - Do 4 M1's while keeping your character inside the enemy's, then use soru very quickly followed by your 5th m1, leading to you travelling with your oppenent. Might not work in Upd 4.

4 M1's (hold space) + Gravity Pull + Jump + 4 M1's (hold space) + Shigan + Soru + 3 M1's + Afro Dash + Gravity Dominance + 5 M1's + Gravity Push

Black Leg 

Slow M1's - Using M1's very slowly to create more stun, allowing you to follow up into some moves.

4 M1's (hold space) + B-Shot + Gravity Pull + 4 M1's + Collier + Gravity Dominance + 5 M1's + Gravity Push. (keep in mind that B-Shot into gravity pull is untrue, but it will work most of the time.)

Demon Step 

4 M1's (hold space) + Demon Spectrum + 4 M1's (hold space) + Demon Flash + (quickly 180 turn with your camera) Gravity Pull + Space + 5 M1's + Gravity Push + Demonic Sky Driller

Crab Cutlass 

4 M1's (hold space) + Gravity Pull + 4 M1's (hold space) + Cutlass Lunge + 4 M1's (hold space) + Cutlass Ladder (While using it switch to Zushi to avoid being thrusted into the air) + Gravity Dominance + 5 M1's + Gravity Push